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Emmelie Åström

Post-doctoral researcher UiT The Arctic University of NorwayArctic and Marine Biology
Work address CAGE – Centre for Arctic Gas hydrate, Environment and Climate Department of Geology UiT The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø 9037 Norway
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PhD Project title:

Benthic faunal response to sub-seabed methane emissions offshore Svalbard.

PhD Project description:

Sub-seabed emissions from gas reservoirs provides the potential for chemosynthetically fueled ecosystems to form. Few studies have documented influence of submarine gas release in the Arctic and this project aims to examine the biological macrofaunal response, community structure and function from sub-seabed gas deposits. The project is part of CAGE (Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) whose primary aim is to understand sources and sinks of methane from sub-seabed reservoirs to the atmosphere in perspective of Arctic climate change.

Start date: April 2014
Planned submission date: April 2018


Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Åström, E. K., Carroll, M. L., Ambrose Jr, W. G., & Carroll, J. (2016). Arctic cold seeps in marine methane hydrate environments: impacts on shelf macrobenthic community structure offshore Svalbard. Marine Ecology Progress Series552, 1-18.
  2. Ambrose, W.G., Panieri, G., Schneider, A., Plaza-Faverola, A., Carroll, M.L., Åström, E.K.L., Locke, W.L., Carroll, J., 2015. Bivalve shell horizons in seafloor pockmarks of the last glacial-interglacial transition: a thousand years of methane emissions in the Arctic Ocean. Geochemistry, Geophys. Geosystems 16, 4108–4129. doi:10.1002/2015GC005980

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