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Øystein Varpe

Professor (UNIS), Adjunct Senior Scientist (Akvaplan-niva) UNIS The University Centre in SvalbardArctic Biology
Address UNIS The University Centre in Svalbard Post box 156 Longyearbyen 9171 Norway Work Phone: + 47 79 02 64 63 Cell Phone: + 47 97 76 26 45 Website: Seasonal Ecology Group – Department of Arctic Biology – UNIS Website: UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard – my main employer Website: Akvaplan-niva – adjunct position here
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Research interests:

  • Evolutionary and Seasonal Ecology
  • Main aim: understand why we observe variation in life histories and behavior and how this variation influences interactions, populations and ecosystems.

I work in highly seasonal environments and study the scheduling of annual events and the trade-offs involved. Key traits: reproduction, energy storage, dormancy and migrations. What is the scope of state-dependent responses? What is the role of phenotypic plasticity versus evolution? Most of my work is on the ecology and evolution of birds, fish and zooplankton using mathematical models and statistical analyses of data. An important component of my work is to use the insights we gain to understand and predict how organisms respond to environmental variability and change, with pollution, harvesting and climate change as central stressors.

Student project opportunities:

If you find some of our research of interest and wish to do a student project (bachelor, master or PhD), please contact me for current opportunities or with own suggestions. Examples of past master students:

  • Marine Cusa (2016) The effect of seasonality on polar cod (Boreogadus saida) dietary habits and temporal feeding strategies in Svalbard waters.
  • Tom Jasper Langbehn (2015) Feeding success in an extreme-light environment: modelling seasonal prey encounter of Arctic fish.
  • Caitlin Frankish (2015) A meta-ecosystem model: seabirds as vectors
  • Samuel Louis Eglund Newby (2015) Feeding activity and diet of Arctic and boreal fish species during the polar night
  • Zofia Burr (2014) Breeding later at higher latitudes: explaining seabird reproductive timing in the northeastern Atlantic.
  • Jordan Grigor (2011) An investigation into strategies of protandrous emergence and arrival in Calanus spp.
  • Beke Regelin (2011) Purple sandpipers (Calidris maritima) feeding in an Arctic estuary: tidal cycle and seasonal dynamics in abundance.
  • Allison Bailey (2010) Lipids and diapause in Calanus spp. in a high-Arctic fjord: state-dependent strategies?
  • Anika Beiersdorf (2009) Foraging trip duration in relation to body mass: are little auks heavier following longer or shorter trips?

Please also visit the Seasonal Ecology Group – an umbrella for my work and supervision.

Running national and international projects (some expamples):

  • SEATIME – Timing of reproduction in seabirds: large-scale comparisons, and links to population dynamics, climate and lower trophic levels. (Fram Centre Flagship Project).
  • Numerical competence and student-active research (Thon stiftelsen)
  • Stochastic fluctuations and the evolution of zooplankton life histories in high latitude marine ecosystems (Polish Research Council)

Peer reviewed publications (see also Google Scholar or ResearchGate):

  1. Bandara K, Varpe Ø, Ji R, Eiane K. 2018. A high-resolution modeling study on diel and seasonal vertical migrations of high-latitude copepods. Ecological Modelling 368: 357-376 full text
  2. Varpe Ø. 2017. Life History Adaptations to Seasonality. Integrative & Comparative Biology 57: 943-960 full text
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  4. Espinasse M, Halsband C, Varpe Ø, Gislason A, Gudmundsson K, Falk-Petersen S, Eiane K. 2017. The role of local and regional environmental factors for Calanus finmarchicus and C. hyperboreus abundances in the Nordic Seas. Polar Biology 40: 2363-2380 abstract
  5. Langbehn TJ, Varpe Ø. 2017. Sea-ice loss boosts visual search: fish foraging and changing pelagic interactions in polar oceans. Global Change Biology 23: 5318-5330 fullt text
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  7. Hitchcock D, Varpe Ø, Andersen T, Borgå K. 2017. Effects of reproductive strategies on pollutant concentrations in pinnipeds: a meta-analysis. Oikos doi:10.1111/oik.03955  abstract
  8. Beumer LT, Varpe Ø, Hansen BB. 2017. Cratering behaviour and faecal C:N ratio in relation to seasonal snow-pack characteristics in a high-Arctic ungulate. Polar Research 36: 1 1286121  full text
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  13. Milner J, Varpe Ø, Van der Wal R, Hansen BB. 2016. Experimental icing affects growth, mortality and flowering in a high Arctic dwarf shrub. Ecology and Evolution 6: 2139–2148  full text
  14. Jin M, Popova EE, Zhang J, Ji R, Pendleton D, Varpe Ø, Yool A, Lee YL. 2016. Ecosystem model intercomparison of under-ice and total primary production in the Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 121: 934–948  abstract
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Selected other publications:

  • Burr Z, Varpe Ø. 2016. Seabird breeding timing at high latitudes. FRAM FORUM 2016. 18-21. full text
  • Hansen BB, Isaksen K, Loe LL, Haugen JE, Benestad R, Milner J, van der Wal R, Varpe Ø. 2015. Varmere og våtere svalbardvintre: konsekvenser for natur og samfunn. METreport No. 20/2015. ISSN 2387-4201 pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Baardsen BJ. 2014. Adventdalsdeltaet og fjæreplyttens sesongmessige bruk av det marine habitat. Akvaplan-niva rapport nr 6280-1 pdf
  • Varpe, Ø. 2007. Life history adaptations to seasonality. PhD thesis. University of Bergen. synthesis popular abstract (in Norwegian)
  • Varpe Ø, Fiksen Ø. 2005. Zooplankton-fish interactions and the fat conveyor-belt in the Norwegian Sea. GLOBEC International Newsletter (11 No. 2) 4-6  pdf

Selected popular science and outreach:


Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholar 2015-2016

Video of talk on ecological consequences of sea ice changes in the Arctic.

View from the roof of my office: camera

Favourite mainland retreat – Bremanger: you-tube movie