ARCTOS Colloquium – Macroalgae of high latitudes

Happy New Year!

We would like to invite you all to the first ARCTOS Colloquium/Workshop of 2021 (on Zoom) focusing on: Macroalgae of high latitudes. Thanks to Bodil Bluhm, Marcus Molis, Paul Renaud, Sanna Matson, and Haakon Hop for initiating and organizing! Contact if you would like to attend.

Tuesday, Jan 19

12:00 Bodil Bluhm: Welcome and introduction

Session topic: Changing seaweed distributions and habitats
12:10 Haakon Hop: ’’Vertical shifts in macroalgal distributions in Kongsfjorden over time
12:30 Dorte Krause-Jensen: ‘Changing seaweed along Greenland’s coasts and beyond and Blue Carbon perspectives’
12:50 Hartvig Christie: ‘The disappearance and reappearance of kelp along Norwegian coasts’
13:10 Break
13:25 Amalia Keck Al-Habahbeh: ‘Macroalgal-invertebrate dynamics in two Svalbard fjords over almost 40 years’
13:45 Topic discussion

Session Topic: Growth and stressors of seaweeds
14:15 Kai Bischof: ‘Ecophysiology of high latitude seaweeds in winter’
14:35 Break
14:50 Sanna Matsson: ‘Growth, quality and biofouling of Saccharina latissima in a latitudinal context’
15:10 Anna Metaxas: ‘Ecology of biofouling of seaweeds’
15:30 Topic discussion
16:00 End

Wednesday, Jan 20

Session topic: Seaweeds in the food web
12:00 Paul Renaud: ‘Fate of seaweeds: uptake into the food web in an Arctic fjord’
12:20 Torstein Pedersen: ‘Tracking the fate of kelp in northern Norway’
12:40 Marcus Molis: ’Seaweeds and invertebrates interactions’
13:00 Margarita Novoa-Garrido: ‘Seaweeds in the human food web’
13:20 Break
13:35 Topic discussion
14:05 Research needs and direction, status, gaps: Discuss opinion or perspectives note, draft outline
15:30 End