ARCTOS/APECS workshops

Early career scientists of the ARCTOS Research Network and APECS (Association for Polar Early Career Scientists) under the lead of Martí Amargant Arumí are organizing a range of virtual workshops during years digital Arctic Frontiers conference inspired by the topic ‘Building Bridges’.

In this event, Early Career Researchers (ECRs) will learn from engaging keynote speakers, participate in interactive activities that develop both practical (e.g. communication) and science-specific skills (e.g. research methods), and address present issues concerning the ECR community via discussion. This event aims to bring together the ECR communities of both ARCTOS and APECS, which have common interests and can benefit from collaborative efforts. These workshops ensure that the most up-to-date topics relevant to the ECR community are covered. Application deadline is Sunday Jan 24, midnight. Apply below.

Session 1: Bridges among researchers: Strengthening the network of Arctic biomarkers scientists. 

Monday 1 February 09:00 – 11:00

Description: Arctic biogeochemistry is a rapidly developing field, spurred by ongoing climate change, and its ecological applicability in studying ecosystem dynamics, ecotoxicology and movement ecology shows great promises.

Such momentum, along with typical challenges inherent to interdisciplinary research and the increasing need for digital operability, calls for a strong and resilient international collaboration network in which knowledge sharing in an open and reproducible science framework is pivotal.

This workshop therefore aims to bring together Arctic biomarkers scientists, from all kinds of specialty and career stage, to seek out the collective opinion and knowledge to strengthen the network of Arctic biomarkers scientists.

Organisers: Doreen Kohlbach (Norwegian Polar Institute), Erin Kunisch (UiT The Arctic University of Norway), Igor Eulaers (Norwegian Polar Institute)

Speakers: Plenary speakers Paul Renaud (Akvaplan-niva) and Clare Eayrs (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)

Participant cap: 50.

Session 2: Bridges to the community: Exploring multiple outreach channels and responding to a targeted audience.

Tuesday 2 February 09:00 – 11:00 and Thursday 4 February 09:00 – 10:00

Description: This session is the opportunity to develop, fine-tune and practice your science communication skills with the support of a professional science communicator. In this session, we will have presentations and exercises on science communication, particularly in written formats, culminating in the production of a short piece regarding your field of expertise. You will then have the opportunity work with local school students with regards to your written piece and gain feedback from a young audience, gaining key insight into what is needed to best communicate your work.

Organiser: Robynne Nowicki (UNIS)

Speakers: Matthew Davidson (Flow Concepts Norway) and Hanna Kauko (Norwegian Polar Institute).

Participant cap: 30.

Session 3: Bridges to the industry: Arctic seaweed farming as a case study for stakeholder communication and product development.

Wednesday 3 February 09:00 – 11:00

Description: Seaweed farming has the potential to become a major industry in Norway for sustainable feed and food production. Such potential is currently limited by a low level of processing automation and a limited demand for seaweed food products. The development of innovative products containing bioactive seaweed ingredients can help to counteract future challenges related to the lack of an efficient system for large-scale biomass production. In this session, participants will hear different perspectives about the stakeholders and challenges involved in developing and marketing such products.

Organisers: Ariadna Szczybelski (UiT The Arctic University of Norway), Èric Jordà Molina (Nord University), Martí Amargant Arumí (UiT The Arctic university of Norway).

Speakers: Mari Bjordal (Bellona), Pierrick Stévant (Møreforsking)

Participant cap: 30.

Application deadline is Sunday Jan 24, midnight. Apply below.