Two new ARCTOS PhDs: Maeve McGovern & Elliot Sivel

Maeve successfully defended her thesis on April 29th at UiT in Tromsø. The title of her thesis is: Land-Ocean Interactions in a Changing Arctic: Effects of terrestrial inputs on coastal food-web carbon source and contamination in Isfjorden, Svalbard and can be downloaded HERE.

Her supervisors have been Amanda Poste (NIVA), Anita Evenset (Akvaplan-niva), Janne Søreide (UNIS), and Kathrine Borgå (UiO).

Maeve’s thesis consists of three articles:

  1. McGovern, M., Pavlov, A., Deininger, A., Granskog, M., Leu, E., Søreide, J.E. & Poste, A.E. (2020). Terrestrial inputs drive seasonality in organic matter and nutrient biogeochemistry in a high Arctic fjord system (Isfjorden, Svalbard). Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 542563.
  2. McGovern, M., Arts, M., Dąbrowska, A.M., Borgå, K., Leu, E., Primicerio, R., … Poste, A.E. Turbid meltwater plumes diminish the quality of particulate organic matter available for Arctic coastal food-webs. (Manuscript).
  3. McGovern, M., Warner, N., Borgå, K., Evenset, A., Carlsson, P., Skogsberg, E., … Poste, A.E. Is glacial meltwater a secondary source of legacy contaminants to Arctic coastal food-webs? (Manuscript in review).

Photo top: Amanda Poste, Jasmine Nahrgang, David N. Thomas, Maeve McGovern, Anna Sobek, Anita Evenset, and Jørgen Berge (from left to right) Photo: Jasmine Nahrgang

Markus Molis, Nigel Yoccoz, Elliot Sivel, Benjamin Planque, Ulf Lindström (from left to right) Photo: Elina Halttunen/UiT

Elliot defended his thesis on April 22 as the first PhD candidate of the Nansen Legacy project. The title of his thesis is: Investigating the drivers of the Nordic Seas food-web dynamics using Chance and Necessity modelling and can be downloaded HERE.

Elliot’s supervisors have been Benjamin Planque (IMR), Ulf Lindström (IMR), and Nigel Yoccoz (UiT).

Elliot’s thesis consists of four articles:

  1. Sivel, E., Planque, B., Lindstrøm, U. & Yoccoz, N.G. (2021). Multiple configurations and fluctuating trophic control in the Barents Sea food-web. PLoS ONE, 16(7), e0254015.
  2. Sivel, E., Planque, B., Lindstrøm, U., Yoccoz, N.G.. Combined effects of temperature and fishing mortality on the Barents Sea ecosystem stability. (Submitted manuscript).
  3. Planque, B., Aarflot, J.M., Buttay, L., Carroll, J., Fransner, F., Hansen, C., Husson, B., Langangen, Ø., Lindstrøm, U., Pedersen, T., Primicerio, R., Sivel, E., Skogen, M.D., Strombom, E., Stige, L. C., Varpe, Ø. & Yoccoz, N.G. (2022). A standard protocol for describing the evaluation of ecological models. (Submitted manuscript).
  4. Planque, B., Favreau, A., Husson, B., Mousing, E., Hansen, C., Broms, C., Lindstrøm, U. & Sivel, E. (2021). Quantification of trophic interactions in the Norwegian Sea pelagic food-web over multiple decades. (Submitted manuscript).

Congratulations to both of them and all the best for their future!