Two new ARCTOS PhDs – William Hatchett and Coralie Barth-Jensen

William successfully defended his PhD on March 10th at Nord University in Bodø. The title of his thesis is: ‘The brown algal genus Fucus: A unique insight into reproduction and the evolution of sex-biased genes‘ and can be downloaded HERE.

His supervisors have been: Professor Galice Hoarau, FBA, Nord University; Researcher Alexander Jüterbock​, FBA, Nord University; and Researcher Agnieszka Lipinska, Max Planck Institute for Developmental ​Biology, Tübingen, Germany.

William’s thesis consists of three articles:

Paper I: Hatchett, W. J., Coyer, J. A., Sjøtun, K., Jueterbock, A. & Hoarau, G. G. (2022). A review of reproduction in the seaweed genus Fucus (Ochrophyta, Fucales): Background for renewed consideration as a model organism. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.1051838. The article is available at

Paper II: Hatchett, W. J., Jüterbock, A. O., Kopp, M., Coyer, J. A., Coelho, S. M., Hoarau, G., & Lipinska, A. P. (2023). Evolutionary dynamics of sex-biased gene expression in a young XY system: insights from the brown alga genus Fucus. New Phytologist, 238(1), 422-437. doi: 10.1111/nph.18710. The article is available at

Paper III: Hatchett, W. J., Wagner, C. I., Kopp, M., Jueterbock, A., and Hoarau, G. (Forthcoming). Novel genomic approach using target capture sequencing for the Genus Fucus (Ochrophyta, Fucales). Manuscript.

Picture of the PhD and the committee standing on stairs and smiling after the successful defense

Coralie successfully defended her PhD on March 17th at UiT in Tromsø. The title of her thesis is: ‘Population dynamics and production of small, marine copepods in highly seasonal Arctic and sub-Arctic environments‘ and can be downloaded HERE.

Her supervisors have been: Professor Camilla Svensen (Department of Arctic and Marine Biology); Professor Marja Koski (DTU AQUA); Professor Øystein Varpe (The University of Bergen); and Dr. Peter Thor.

Coralie’s thesis consists of three articles:

Paper I: Barth-Jensen, C., Koski, M., Varpe, Ø., Glad, P., Wangensteen, O.S., Præbel, K. & Svensen, C. (2020). Temperature-dependent egg production and egg hatching rates of small egg-carrying and broadcast-spawning copepods Oithona similis, Microsetella norvegica and Microcalanus pusillus. Journal of Plankton Research, 42, 564-580. Also available in Munin at

Paper II: Barth-Jensen, C., Daase, M., Ormańczyk, M.R., Varpe, Ø., Kwaśniewski, S. & Svensen, C. (2022). High abundances of small copepods early developmental stages and nauplii strengthen the perception of a non-dormant Arctic winter. Polar Biology, 45, 675-690. Also available in Munin at

Paper III: Barth-Jensen, C., Svensen, C., Varpe, Ø., Coguiec, E., Glad, P., Beroujon, T., Kristiansen, S. & Koski, M. High contribution of small copepods to zooplankton secondary production in Norwegian high-latitude coastal fjord ecosystems. (Manuscript).

We are extra happy for both, who really had to walk the extra mile to reach their goal. Congratulations to both and best of luck for the future!