Top outreach at science fair

In Tromsø, this year’s research days (forskningsdagene) culminated in the big hunt for knowledge at the Fram Centre and UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Many ARCTOS members and students contributed actively.

Ireen Vieweg, active member of the student diving club (SUT) organized a cleaning activity in concert with Hold Norge Rent  (keep Norway clean) and the research project MARP3 lead by Jannike Falk-Andersson. In the harbour outside Polaria the divers found a lot of waste that was collected, sorted and presented to the numerous visitors despite the rain.



A ‘research market’  was also part of the hunt and consisted of many stands communicating the many different research fields at the university. Marit Reigstad, Lena Seuthe, Camilla Svensen and Sünnje Basedow attended the stand organized by the researchers of the project CarbonBridge. They won the price for best science stand at the fair for presenting a suite of easy experiments on the visible and invisible borders found in the Arctic Ocean, engaging young and old.


Article in Nordlys about SUT cleaning (Norwegian)

Diving video outside Polaria (Norwegian)

Interview with Peter Leopold during research days cruise (Norwegian)