Special issues on Kongsfjorden research

New research from Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, has been assembled in two Special Issues of Polar Biology. Both issues (10 and 11) are available here. The idea to assemble research papers into these volumes was initiated during the Kongsfjorden Ecosystem Workshop, with 60 national and international participants, held on 10-17 March 2014 at the conference facility Hamn i Senja, Skaland, Norway. In total, the two issues contain 34 original papers with new results mostly presented during the workshop, with some additional contributions.

A book of review papers from Kongsfjorden will be published in Advances in Polar Ecology under the title: The ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, with Guest Editors, Haakon Hop (Norwegian Polar Institute and UiT The Arctic University of Norway) and Christian Wiencke (Alfred-Wegener-Institute). It will contain about 15 review papers, if all promised papers are submitted in time to make this volume!

We are sincerely grateful for funding from the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Research Council of Norway, Svalbard Science Forum, Havet og kysten (Project no. 234347), Fram Centre Flagship, Fjord & Kyst (Project no. 2014-8), Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Kings Bay AS and DFG-SPP Antarctic Research, which made it possible to host the Kongsfjorden Ecosystem Workshop and subsequently publish these volumes of papers from the Kongsfjorden area.