ARCTOS Student Forum 2018

Written by Christine Dybwad, ARCTOS student representative 2017-2018

Like in the past years, ARCTOS students enjoyed a student focused workshop before the official ARCTOS days. This year, the trip went to beautiful Sommarøy outside of Tromsø. A total of 10 Masters and PhD students attended: Madgalena Wutkowska from the University Center on Svalbard (UNIS), Hanna Kauko from the Norwegian Polar Institute, Michael Streicher and Eric Jorda Molina from Nord University, as well as Nathalie Carrasco, Charlotte Pedersen Uglestad, Peter Leopold, Bernhard Schartmüller, Raphaelle Descoteaux, and Christine Dybwad from UiT The Arctic University of Norway (pictured above, although not in order).

Photo credits: Svein Åre Tjeldnes, UiT

The topics vary from year to year, focusing on what the students think is important in their academic lives. This year we decided on time management and networking. In the morning, we got a 2,5 hour workshop on Lean time management from Svein Are Tjeldnes and Julia Hotle Sempler, working with Continuous Improvement within UiT The Arctic University of Norway. What is Lean management? Well its quite simple: improve efficiency, slowly but continuously. We learnt that in order to make the most of our and our collogues time, we have to be able to identify time thieves in our work life, continuously improve and evaluate our use of time (in terms of the quality and efficiency of our work), and respect each other’s time in the work environment. We also got to identify and discuss the main time thieves in our own work lives and find concrete ways to continuously improve them. In other words, this workshop was a good use of our time.

For the remainder of the day, we networked. Like this:

Photo credit: Christine Dybwad, UiT

And this:

Photo credit: Christine Dybwad, UiT

Our tasks were to challenge ourselves, encourage and get to know each other. We spent two hours with Natur og Utfordring from Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø, climbing to greater heights and improving our communication skills. While having fun, of course. Afterwards, we went for a small hike up Hillesøya, chatting, soaking up the beautiful weather, and encouraging each other down some very icy slopes. Everyone returned to the hotel, tired but happy, where we later sat around eating a home cooked meal, had a sauna and did some swimming in the frosty sea.

Thank you ARCTOS – we had a great time!