Deployment of Mooring in Ramfjord

Written by Estelle Coguiec

Earlier this week I went to Ramfjord to deploy a mooring together with my supervisors, Jørgen and Malin, and Daniel. The mooring is a part of my PhD project and will be out for a year.

The project in Ramfjord is about seasonality in activity pattern of Calanus finmarchicus. Every month, I sample zooplankton in Ramfjord, and run activity experimentation on them. The activity is record thanks to a Trikinetics Drosophila activity monitor. Additionally, the physiology state of each individual is determined as well as the Calanus finmarchicus population composition. The mooring will enable us to have information on the Diel vertical migration and seasonal vertical migration and environmental parameter at the sampling station. This project is done in collaboration with CHASE (Chronobiology of changing Arctic Sea Ecosystems) project.