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Photo of Alexander Jüterbock

Alexander Jüterbock

Post-doctoral researcher

Research interests:
  • Marine evolutionary biology
  • Molecular ecology
  • Genomics
  • Epigenetics
  • Bioinformatics.
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Nord UniversityFaculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture Work address Nord University Post box 8049 Bodø 8049 Norway Work Phone: +47 75 51 78 34

Research interests:

  • Marine evolutionary biology
  • Molecular ecology
  • Genomics
  • Epigenetics
  • Bioinformatics.

I am primarily interested in ecological and evolutionary responses of marine species to environmental change. My work focuses on ecologically important non-model species, including macroalgae and seagrass. In my current Post-doc project I characterize epigenetic variation in clonal seagrass meadows and its functional role under heat stress.

Running national and international projects:

  • Epigenetic variation in seagrass clones 2015-2018 NRC 243916

Completed national and international projects:

  • Ecological and evolutionary responses to global warming in the seaweed Fucus serratus, a key foundational species in the North Atlantic 2010-2014 NRC 196505
  • Ecological niche modelling in the seaweed Fucus serratus, a key foundational species in the North Atlantic intertidal 2011-2012 NRC 203839

Relevant scientific publications:

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  2. Smolina I., Kollias S., Jueterbock A., Coyer J.A. & Hoarau G. 2016. Variation in heat stress response in two populations of the seaweed Fucus distichus from the Arctic and subarctic intertidal. Royal Society Open Science, 3 (1), 150429.
  3. Hoarau G., Coyer J.A., Giesbers M.C.W.G., Jueterbock A. & Olsen J.L. 2015. Pre-zygotic isolation in the macroalgal genus Fucus from four contact zones spanning 100-10,000 years: a tale of reinforcement? Royal Society Open Science, 2: 140538.
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  9. Gerlach G., Jueterbock A., Kraemer P., Deppermann J. & Harmand P. 2010. Calculations of population differentiation based on GST and D: forget GST but not all of statistics! Molecular Ecology, 19 (18), 3845-3852.

Popular science and outreach:

  • 2016. The plant that went to sea. by Spilde, I.
  • 2016. Planten som dro til sjøs. by Spilde, I.
  • 2016. Seagrass in Nature article. Nord University News by Elle, P.J.
  • 2014. Taredød truer fisk. Article in ViMenn Nr. 3 (in Norwegian)
  • 2013. Tangbelte dør – fisk mister oppvekstmiljø. Article in Nationen by Finne A. (in Norwegian)
  • 2013. Fisk trues av tangbeltedød Article on by Finne, A. (in
  • 2013. Kelp forest under threat. University of Nordland News by Elle, P.J.
  • 2012. Responses of the macroalgal key species Fucus serratus: Driving the impact of climate change on North Atlantic rocky shores. Research statement in The Phycologist 82, 18 (Jueterbock A.)
  • 2012. Klimaendringene dreper tangen i Sør-Europa – Markroalgen Fucus serratus trekker mot Nordishavet University of Nordland
    News by Elle, P.J. (in Norwegian)