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Allison Bailey

Post-doctoral researcher Norwegian Polar InstituteResearch department: Ecotoxicology
Work address Norwegian Polar Institute Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 75 05 57
Photo of Allison Bailey

Research interests:

  • Physiological and evolutionary responses to climate change drivers
  • Investigating local adaptation of populations living along environmental gradients as an indication of their response to future environmental change
  • Ocean acidification
  • Arctic copepods
  • The role of acclimatization and adaptation in allowing populations to cope with environmental change
  • The role of lipid storage in the life cycles of Arctic Calanus spp.

Running national and international projects:

  • 2019-2023: Arctic Marine Evolution: using local adaptation to infer future evolutionary responses of Calanus copepods to a changing environment (EvoCal), NFR. Co-project leader
  • 2018-2020 : Ocean Acidification – Drivers and Effects on Arctic Marine organisms and ecosystems (OA-DREAM). Fram Centre Flagship. Post-doc funding source.


Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Thor P, Bailey A, Dupont S, Calosi P, Søreide J, De Wit P, Guscelli E, Loubet-Sartrou L, Deichmann I, Candee M, Svensen C, King AL, Bellerby GJ (2018) Contrasting physiological responses to future ocean acidification among Arctic copepod populations. Global Change Biology 24(1). doi 10.1111/gcb.13870
  2. Bailey A, de Wit P, Thor P, Browman HI, Bjelland R, Shema S, Fields DM, Runge JA, Thompson C, Hop H (2017) Regulation of gene expression is associated with tolerance of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis to CO2-acidified seawater. Ecology and Evolution 7(12). doi 10.1002/ece3.3063
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  4. Thor P, Bailey A, Halsband C, Guscelli E, Gorokhova E, Fransson A (2016) Seawater pH predicted for the year 2100 affects the metabolic response to feeding in copepodites of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis. PLoS ONE 11(12):e0168735. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0168735
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