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Amanda Ziegler

Post-doctoral researcher UiT The Arctic University of NorwayDepartment of Arctic and Marine Biology
Address UiT The Arctic University of Norway Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics Department of Arctic and Marine Biology Tromsø 9037 Norway Website: Personal website
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Project description

I am currently working as part of the interdisciplinary Nansen Legacy project. My work aims to understand spatial and temporal patterns in the benthic food web structure and functioning within the Northern Barents Sea. Changes in sea ice extent/duration/thickness is driving changes to the primary productivity and seasonality of the pelagic ecosystem which is tightly connected to the benthos. I use stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen to identify the trophic structure of the benthic community and relate the spatial and temporal patterns we observe to changes in the broader ecosystem, such as changes in organic carbon flux to the seafloor.


Research interests

  • Polar and deep-sea benthic ecology
  • Pelagic-benthic coupling processes
  • Food web dynamics
  • Marine biodiversity and ecosystem function
  • Disturbance impacts on benthic communities
  • Impacts of glacial processes on benthic communities
  • Ocean stewardship and conservation