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Benjamin Lange

Post-doctoral researcher Norwegian Polar InstituteSection for Oceans and Sea ice
Work address Norwegian Polar Institute Fram Centre Post box 6606 Langnes Tromsø 9296 Norway Website: ORCID Website: Google Scholar Website: ResearchGate
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Research interests:

Bio-physical interactions at multiple spatial scales using various approaches such as ground based measurements (eg ice coring, drilling, EM31), airborne systems (eg UAVs, helicopter EM) and satellite remote sensing (eg SAR).

Running projects:

I am currently a member of the HAVOC project: Ridges – Safe HAVens for ice-associated Flora and Fauna in a Seasonally ice-covered Arctic Ocean. This is a Norwegian contribution to the year-long drift expedition MOSAiC.

Scientific publications:

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Peer reviewed book chapter:

  1. Backs, J., J. Bottoms, S. P. Khaligh, B. Lange, and S. Williamson (2013), AlbertaSat-1: Greenhouse Gas Monitoring for Industrial and Environmental Improvement, in Innovative Ideas for Micro/Nano-satellite Missions, edited by R. Sandau, S. Nakasuka, R. Kawashima and J. J. Sellers, pp. 40 – 62, International Academy of Astronautics.