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Bodil Bluhm

Professor UiT The Arctic University of NorwayArctic and Marine Biology
Work address Department of Arctic and Marine Biology Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Econoics UiT The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø 9037 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 64 43 82
Photo of Bodil Bluhm

Research interests:

  • Structure and function of Arctic benthic and sea ice ecosystems
  • Biodiversity
  • Community ecology
  • Food web structure
  • Cryo-benthic-pelagic coupling
  • Invertebrate population dynamics.

Current national and international projects:

Select publications since 2010:

  1. Bluhm BA, Janout M, Danielson S, Ellingsen I, Gavrilo M, Grebmeier JM, Hopcroft RR, Iken KB, Ingvaldsen RB, Jørgensen LL, Kosobokova KN, Kwok R, Polyakov I, Renaud PE, Carmack EC. (2020) Arctic continental slopes sharp gradients of physical processes affect pelagic and benthic ecosystems. Frontiers in Marine Science 7:544386. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2020.544386
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  4. Keck Al-Habahbeh A, Kortsch S, Bluhm BA, Beuchel F, Gulliksen B, Ballantine C, Cristini D, Primicerio R (2020) Arctic coastal benthos long-term response to perturbations under climate warming. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 20190355,
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  6. Ehrlich J, Schaafsma FL, Bluhm BA, Peeken I, Castellani G, Brandt A, Flores H (2020) Sympagic fauna in and under Arctic pack ice in the annual sea ice system of the new Arctic Frontiers in Marine Science 7:452. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2020.00452
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  8. Wiedmann I, Ershova E, Bluhm BA, Nöthig E-M, Gradinger RR, Kosobokova K, Boetius A (2020) What feeds the benthos of the Arctic Basins? Assembling a carbon budget for the deep Arctic Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science 7:224. doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.00224 
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  11. Kunisch E, Bluhm BA, Daase M, Gradinger R, Hop H, Melnikov IA, Varpe Ø, Berge J (2020) Pelagic occurrences of the ice amphipod Apherusa glacialis throughout the Arctic. Journal of Plankton Research 37, doi:10.1093/plankt/fbz072
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  13. Bluhm BA, Kilada R, Ambrose W, Renaud PE, Sundet J (2019) First record of cuticle bands in the stomach ossicles of the red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus (Tilesius, 1815) (Decapoda: Anomura: Lithodidae) from Norway. Journal of Crustacean Biology 39(6): 703–710, doi:10.1093/jcbiol/ruz064
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  17. Danielsen HEH, Hjelset AM, Bluhm BA, Hvingel C, Agnalt AL (2019) A first fecundity study of the female snow cab Chionoecetes opilio, Fabricius, 1788 (Decadpoda: Brachyura: Oregoniidae) of the newly established population in the Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean. Journal of Crustacean Biology 39(4): 485-492
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