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Elizabeth Jones

Associate professor Institute of Marine ResearchOceanography and Climate
Work address Institute of Marine Research Fram Centre Hjalmar Johansens Gate 14 Tromsø 9007 Norway Work Phone: +47 40 43 11 74 Website: ResearchGate
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Research interests:

  • carbonate chemistry of polar oceans and sea ice
  • ocean acidification
  • biogeochemical cycles in a changing climate.

Start date post-doc: Feb 2017
End date post-doc: April 2021

Running projects:

Completed projects:

  • 2014 – 2017 University of Groningen, Netherlands. Uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide, chemical changes and effects on the marine ecosystem in Marguerite Bay, Rothera Research Station, Antarctica. Postdoctoral research
  • 2013 – 2014 Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research. Investigating carbon dioxide uptake by the oceans and ocean acidification. Postdoctoral research
  • 2010 – 2012 Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Investigating carbon dioxide uptake by the oceans and ocean acidification. Postdoctoral research
  • 2006 – 2010 University of East Anglia and British Antarctic Survey. The Marine Carbon Cycle of the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean. PhD

Key scientific publications:

  1. Jones EM, Renner AH, Chierici M, Wiedmann I, Lødemel HH, Biuw M. 2020. Seasonal dynamics of carbonate chemistry, nutrients and CO2 uptake in a sub-Arctic fjord. Elem Sci Anth. 8(1).
  2. Charette MA, Kipp LE, Jensen LT, Dabrowski JS, Whitmore LM, Fitzsimmons JN, Williford T, Ulfsbo A, Jones E, Bundy RM, Vivancos SM, … Jones, EM, … 2020. The Transpolar Drift as a Source of Riverine and Shelf‐Derived Trace Elements to the Central Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophys Res-Oceans. 125(5), e2019JC015920.
  3. Ericson Y, Chierici M, Falck E, Fransson AI, Jones EM, Kristiansen S. 2019. Seasonal dynamics of the marine CO2 system in Adventfjorden, a West Spitsbergen fjord. Polar Res. 38, 3345.
  4. Henley SF, Jones EM, Venables HJ, Meredith MP, Firing YL, Dittrich R,Heiser S, Stefels J, Dougans J. 2018. Macronutrient and carbon supply, uptake and cycling across the Antarctic Peninsula shelf during summer. Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. A 376, 20170168.
  5. Ulfsbo, A, Jones EM, Casacuberta N, M Korhonen, B Rabe, M Karcher, SMAC van Heuven. 2018. Rapid Changes in Anthropogenic Carbon Storage and Ocean Acidification in the Intermediate Layers of the Eurasian Arctic Ocean: 1996–2015. Global Biogeochem Cycles 32, 1254-1275.
  6. Jones EM, Fenton, M, Meredith, M, Clargo, NC, Ossebaar, S, Ducklow, HW, Venables, HJ, de Baar, HJW. 2017. Ocean acidification and calcium carbonate saturation states in the coastal zone of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Deep-Sea Res. II 139, 181-194.   
  7. Jones, EM, Hoppema, M, Strass, V, Hauck, J, Salt, LA, de Baar, HJW, Wolf-Gladrow, D. 2017. Mesoscale features create hotspots of carbon uptake in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Deep-Sea Res. II 138, 39-51.
  8. Jones, EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Hardman-Mountford, N. Seasonal cycle of oceanic CO2 from the ice edge to island blooms in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean. 2015. Marine Chemistry, 177, 490-500.
  9. Tortell, PD, Bittig, HC, Körtzinger, A, Jones EM, Hoppema, M. Biological and physical controls on N2, O2 and CO2 distributions in contrasting Southern Ocean surface waters. 2015. Global Biogeochem Cycles, 29, 994-1013.
  10. Salt, LA, van Heuven, SMAC, Claus, ME, Jones EM, de Baar, HJW. 2014. Rapid acidification of mode and intermediate waters in the southwest Atlantic Ocean. Biogeosciences, 11, 6755-6792.
  11. van Heuven, SMAC, Hoppema, M, Jones EM, de Baar, HJW. 2014. Rapid invasion of anthropogenic CO2 into the deep circulation of the Weddell Gyre. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 372, 20130056.
  12. Bednaršek, N, Tarling, GA, Bakker, DCE, Fielding, S, Jones EM, Venables HJ, Ward, P, Kuzirian, A, Lézé, B, Feely, RA, Murphy, EJ. 2012. Extensive dissolution of live pteropods in the Southern Ocean. Nature Geoscience, 12, 881-885.
  13. Jones, EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Watson, AJ. 2012. Dynamic seasonal cycling of inorganic carbon downstream of South Georgia, Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Res. II, 59-60, 25-35.
  14. Jones EM, Bakker, DCE, Venables, HJ, Whitehouse, MJ, Korb, RE, Watson, AJ. 2010. Rapid changes in surface water carbonate chemistry during Antarctic sea ice melt. Tellus, 62B, 621-635.  

Key reports:

  1. Jones, EM, M Chierici, I Skjelvan, M Norli, H Frigstad, KY Børsheim, HH Lødemel, T Kutti, AL King, K Sørensen, S K Lauvset, K Jackson-Misje, LB Apelthun, T de Lange, T Johannsessen, C Mourgues, R Bellerby. 2020. Monitoring ocean acidification in Norwegian seas in 2019. Rapport Miljødirektoratet, M-1735|2020.
  2. Jones, EM, M Chierici, I Skjelvan, M Norli, KY Børsheim, HH Lødemel, K Sørensen, AL King, S Lauvset, K Jackson, T de Lange, T Johannsessen og C Mourgues. 2019. Monitoring ocean acidification in Norwegian seas in 2018. Rapport, Miljødirektoratet, M-1417|2019.
  3. Jones EM, Chierici M,  Skjelvan I, Norli M, Børsheim KY, Lauvset SK, Lødemel HH, Sørensen K, King AL, Johannessen T. 2018. Monitoring Ocean Acidification in Norwegian waters/Overvåking av havforsuring i norske farvann i 2017 Report, Norwegian Environment Agency/Miljødirektoratet, M-1072|2018.

Outreach/popular science:

  • Fritt Fram – Forskningsdagene, Fram Centre – Tromsø (2018)
  • NRK havforsuring – havredaksjon, IMR – Tromsø (2018)
  • NRK https://tv.nrk.no/serie/dagsrevyen/, Nansen Legacy, Barents Sea (2018)
  • BBC Radio Cambridge; De Kennis van Nu; Oceanography magazine (2015)
  • Cold Facts http://www.coldfacts.org – The Netherlands (2014-2015)
  • Climate Voice, Museon, The Hague – The Netherlands (2013)
  • Association of Polar Early Career Scientists – Netherlands (2012 – 2017)
  • UK Polar Network – UK (2008-2010)