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Haakon Hop

Senior research scientist Norwegian Polar InstituteResearch department: ecotoxicology
Work address Norwegian Polar Institute Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 75 05 22
Photo of Haakon Hop

Research interests:

  • Ecology and bioenergetics of pelagic, sympagic (ice-associated) and hard-bottom invertebrates and fishes in Arctic marine environments
  • Marine ecosystem structure (stable isotopes), energy flow (lipids), and bioaccumulation of persistent pollutants in Arctic marine food webs
  • Integration of physical and biological data in multidisciplinary research projects carried out in the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) and fjords in Svalbard

My experience includes >25 years of Arctic research, both experimental and field based work. I have organized multidisciplinary research programs and cruises, and participated on these as researcher, scientific diver and cruise leader. I have published 130 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, including many multidisciplinary papers. I also have extensive teaching experience as course instructor, lecturer and external examiner at the university level, and am external supervisor for graduate students. I have organized and led workshops and sat on review panels for international research proposals. I have lead international groups for establishing new marine research projects and a new Arctic Marine Laboratory in Ny-Ålesund. I am currently leading marine ecological studies in ICE – Centre for ice, climate and environment.

Running national and international projects:

  • MOSJ-ICE-project to determine inter-annual variation in hydrography and pelagic plankton in Kongsfjorden and Rijpfjorden in Svalbard (NPI)
  • N-ICE2015 participation in the Arctic Ocean with dive team to determine under-ice flora and fauna (NPI)
  • Ice-algal and under-ice phytoplankton bloom dynamics in a changing Arctic icescape (Norwegian Research Council)

Completed national and international projects:

  • Kongsfjorden Ecosystem – new views after more than a decade of research (NRC)
  • Impact of ocean acidification on Arctic zooplankton populations (NRC)
  • Response of marine and terrestrial ecosystems to climate changes in Arctic – links between physical environment biodiversity of zooplankton and seabird populations (ALKEKONGE) (Polish-Norwegian Research Fund)
  • Marine ecosystem consequences of climate induced changes in water masses off West-Spitsbergen (MariClim) (NRC)

Relevant scientific publications:

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