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Julia Giebichenstein

PhD candidate University in OsloDepartment of Biosciences
Work address Department of Biosciences Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Oslo University Oslo 0371 Norway Website: Research group blog
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PhD project title:

Effects of changes in species composition and distribution on contaminant accumulation in an Arctic marine food web.

PhD project description:

Arctic marine organisms are susceptible to multiple stressors, including climate change, increased human activities such as fisheries and tourism and pollution. Combined, these stressors are expected to alter food web composition and the transport, fate, and effects of pollutants within it. But, seasonal changes in pollution dynamics have rarely been studied in Arctic marine food webs, leaving a big knowledge gap. Therefore, I want to identify and compare seasonal bioaccumulation and biomagnification processes of legacy (phased-out) and new pollutants related to energy use and availability in a Barents Sea food web. To do so, I am joining four research cruises in different seasons, and am sampling key species of zooplankton and fishes. With the help of chemical and dietary descriptors I want to determine how seasonal changes in energy acquisition and allocation affect the annual dynamics of species composition, pollutant accumulation and transfer in the food web.

Start date: 01.05.2019
Planned submission date: 30.04.2022


Katrine Borgå (UiO, Oslo, Norway)
Geir W. Gabrielsen (NPI, Tromsø, Norway)
Øystein Varpe (UiB, Bergen, Norway)
Tom Andersen (UiO, Oslo, Norway)