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Michael Daniel Streicher

PhD candidate Nord UniversityFaculty for Biosciences and Aquaculture
Work address Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture Nord University Postbox 1490 Bodø 8049 Norway Work Phone: +47 75 51 74 61
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PhD project title:

Marine Aquaculture and the Environment: Effects of Multiple Nutrient Sources.

PhD project description:

Marine aquaculture is going to expand globally in the coming decades. Further expansion of this sector is, however, only sustainable if farms are managed according to the resilience and carrying capacity of coastal ecosystems.

An emerging problem that is still understudied is the effect of multiple nutrient sources, i.e. pollution from several farms in close vicinity and the additional impact of agricultural run-off from land. Therefore, our project will study ecosystem-wide effects of nutrient pollution from multiple sources by combining experimental and field studies. We will address the overarching question of how coastal ecosystems respond to multiple inputs of nutrients.

Start date: September 2015
End date: Autumn 2018


  • Henning Reiß (Nord, Bodø, Norway)
  • Marit Bjørnevik
  • Katrin Reiß