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Robynne Calypso Nowicki

PhD candidate UNIS – The University Centre in SvalbardArctic Biology
Work address UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard Post box 156 Longyearbyen 9171 Svalbard Website: ResearchGate
Photo of Robynne Calypso Nowicki

PhD project title:

Seasonal variation of energy and pollutants in the Barents Sea pelagic food web.

PhD project description:

This study aims to quantify the seasonal changes in species specific energy content, using bomb calorimetry, within and across trophic levels (macrozooplankton and fish). We aim to assess potential “critical windows”, i.e. when organisms are in a sub-optimal state and therefore more susceptible to stress, such persistent organic pollutants (POPs). We will also evaluate how seasonal energy content and pollutant levels of prey will impact the top-predators in the system, particularly seabirds. In addition, tissue specific samples will be taken for POP concentration, to study seasonal remobilization in key marine organisms.

Start date: June 2019
Planned submission date: June 2022


Øystein Varpe (UiB, Bergen, Norway)
Katrine Borgå (UiO, Oslo, Norway)
Geir W. Gabrielsen (NPI, Tromsø, Norway)
Janne Søreide (UNIS, Longyearbyen, Svalbard)

Scientific publications:

  1. David Palma, Alix Varnajot, Kari Dalen, Ilker K. Basaran, Charles Brunette, Marta Bystrowska, Anastasia D. Korablina, Robynne C. Nowicki & Thomas A. Ronge (2019) Cruising the marginal ice zone: climate change and Arctic tourism, Polar Geography, 42:4, 215-235, DOI: 10.1080/1088937X.2019.1648585


  • Head of Education and Outreach, UK Polar Network
  • Longyearbyen event organizer, Pint of Science Norway