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Sebastien Moreau

Research Scientists Norwegian Polar Institute
Home Phone: +47 41 24 22 65 Website:
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Research interests:

As a researcher, I study the biogeochemistry of polar oceans, with a particular interest in primary productivity and more broadly about the organic and inorganic carbon cycle. I have a geographically wide interest of the Arctic and Southern Ocean, from frontal jets and eddies, the high-nutrients low-chlorophyll regions, the sea ice covered areas, to the more coastal domain, including polynyas, and sea ice.

2018-now – Leader of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Regional Working Group: Weddell Sea – Droning Maud Land

2018-now – Norway National Representative for the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)

2018-now – SSC Member for the SCAR working group BEPSII: biogeochemical exchanges processes at the Sea Ice Interfaces

Current projects:

  • Biological Oceanography in the Southern Ocean: Droning Maud Land cruise on-board the Norwegian Icebreaker Kronprins Haakon in March-April 2019.
  • SANOCEAN project (NFR): Southern Ocean phytoplankton community characteristics, primary production, CO2 flux and the effects of climate change. Cooperation project between Norway and South Africa.

PhD thesis title: “Combined effects of UVB radiations and climate change on the marine microbial community west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Potential impact on the carbon cycle.”

Defense: March 30th 2011, Rimouski, Canada


  • Dr. Gustavo Ferreyra, ISMER
  • Dr. Serge Demers, ISMER
  • Dr. Behzad Mostajir, UM2

Completed projects:

  • RUGBY – (CRSNG, Canada) Research on Ultraviolet and Global warming effects
 on Biological pump Yields.
  • BIGSOUTH – (BELSPO, Belgium) BIoGeochemical cycles in the SOUTHern Ocean: Role within the Earth System.
  • YROSIAE – (BELSPO, Belgium) year-round study of sea ice biogeochemistry in McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea, Antarctica.
  • EDDY (MNF, Australia) – Role of eddies in Southern Ocean biogeochemistry.
  • CRYOCEAN (AAD, Australia)– Impact of the predicted changes in sea ice extent on primary productivity of the Southern Ocean: links between the iron and carbon (2015-2017)

Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Moreau S., A. Della Penna, J. Llort, R. Patel, C. Langlais, P. Boyd, R. J. Matear, H. Philips, B. Tilbrook, A. Lenton, P. G. Strutton. 2017. Eddy-induced carbon transport across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 31 (1-19)
  2. Moreau S., Vancoppenolle M., Bopp L., Aumont O., Madec G., Delille B., Tison J.-L., Pierre-Yves Barriat and Goosse H. 2016. Assessment of the sea-ice carbon pump: Insights from a three-dimensional ocean-sea-ice biogeochemical model (NEMO-LIM-PISCES). Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 4: 000122
  3. Moreau S., Mostajir B., Bélanger S., Schloss I. R., Vancoppenolle M., Demers S. and Ferreyra G. A. 2015. Climate change enhances primary production in the western Antarctic Peninsula. Global Change Biology 21(6):2191-205
  4. Moreau S., Vancoppenolle M., Delille B., Tison J.-L., Zhou J., Kotovitch M., Thomas D., Geilfus N.-X. and Goosse H. 2015. Drivers of inorganic carbon dynamics in first-year sea ice: A model study. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 120 (1): 471-495
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  8. Moreau S., G. A. Ferreyra, B. Mercier, K. Lemarchand, M. Lionard, S. Roy, B. Mostajir, S. Roy, B. Van Hardenberg and S. Demers. 2010. Variability of the microbial community in the western Antarctic Peninsula from late fall to spring during a low ice cover year. Polar Biology 33(12): 1599-1614
  9. Moreau S., Ferreyra G. A., Mercier B., Lemarchand K., Thyssen M., Almandoz G. O., Hernando M., Schloss I. R., Mostajir B. and Demers S. 2014. Effects of enhanced temperature and ultraviolet B radiation on a natural plankton community of the Beagle Channel (southern Argentina): a mesocosm study. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 72: 155-173
  10. Moreau S., Schloss I. R., Mostajir B., Demers S., Almandoz G. O., Ferrario M. E. and Ferreyra G. A. 2012. Influence of microbial community composition and metabolism on air−sea ΔpCO2 variation off the western Antarctic Peninsula. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 446: 45–59

Popular science and outreach: