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Stig Falk-Petersen

Senior researcher (Akvaplan-niva) Akvaplan-nivaEcosystems
Work address Akvaplan-niva AS Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Cell Phone: +47 95 11 19 14 Website: Google Scholar
Photo of Stig Falk-Petersen

Research interests:

  • Zooplankton ecology and functional ecology of polar ecosystems.

Running national and international projects:

  • NorArgo2.”Norwegian Argo Infrastructure – a contribution to the European and global Argo infrastructure”. RCN Infrastructure. IMR, UB, NERSC. 2017-2024.
  • NorSOOP. “Norwegian Ships of Opportunity Program for marine and atmosferic research”RCN Infrastructure. NIVA, Apn. 2017 -2022.
  • STRESSOR. “Collaborative Studies of Two Resource Ecosystems in Shelf, Slope and Oceanic Regions of the Norwegian and South-China Seas”. UiT, NU, Apn, NORCE, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). 2019-2024.

Completed national and international projects since 1995:

  • Arctic ABC 2015-2019
  • A transatlantic innovation arena for sustainable development in the Arctic CoARC. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2016 – 2020
  • Mechanistic understanding of the role of diatoms in the success of the Arctic Calanus complex and implications for a warmer Arctic. The Arctic NERC project. SAMS, Apn and others 2016 – 2021
  • The Glider project.  “Unmanned ocean vehicles, a flexible and cost-efficient offshore monitoring and data management approach. RCN DEMO 2000 and ConocoPhillips. Apn, UiT, NU, NIVA, NORCE) 2017-2019.
  • The SEA PATCHES project. “Sustainable harvesting of a patchy resource: aggregation mechanisms and implications for stock size estimates” RCN268391 Marinforsk. UIT, NU, Apn, U Strathclyde, MFRI, SJTU, 2017-2020
  • ICE-BAR – “Ecological and Physical processes in the Marginal Ice Zone in the northern Barents Sea during the summer melt period”. NFR 1995-1998 (HEAD)
  • “Temporal and spatial variability of the Ice-Ocean system of the Ice-Edge in the Marginal Ice Zone of the Barents Sea”. Hydro 1998-2002 (HEAD)
  • “The biodiversity and fluxes in glacial arctic fjords”. NP 1995- 2004 (HEAD)
  • OAERRE – “Oceanographic Applications to Eutrophication in Regions of Restricted Exchange” – EU 2000-2003
  • The bioproduction and energy transfer in the Nordic Seas, the role of key zooplankters in a system with rapid climate change. NC-NARP 2002-2003 (HEAD).
  • “European Network for Arctic-Alpine Multidisciplinary Research” EU 2001-2003
  • On Thin Ice?  “Climatic Influence on Energy Flow and Trophic Structure in Arctic Marine Ecosystems”. NFR 2002-2005 (PI)
  • Effect of ultraviolet radiation on lipids, fatty acids and nutritional quality of Arctic marine algae and zooplankton. NFR 2002-2005 (PI)
  • The role of lipids in the life cycle of the pteropods Limacina helicina and Clione limacina. DAAD-NFR 2002-2003 (HEAD)
  • Carbon flux and ecosystem feed back in the northern Barents Sea in an era of climate change (PI). NFR 2003-2006.
  • EUR-OCEANS – “European network of excellence for ocean ecosystems analysis”. EU 2004-2008 (PI and GA)
  • IPY-CARE – Climate and the Arctic and its Role for Europe – a European component of the International Polar Year. EU 2004-2006 (PI and SSC)
  • Seasonal water mass modification and circulation in an Arctic Fjord. The Royal Society 2004-2005 (PI). SAMS and NP
  • MariClim – Marine ecosystem consequences of climate induced changes in water masses off West-Spitsbergen NFR 2006-2009 (PI)
  • Trophic interactions of the pelagic ecosystem over the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 2005-2006 (PI). University of Island, Institute of Marine Research Island, NP.
  • ARCTOS QUALITY The effect of climate change and transfer of energy and pollutants in Polar systems. NFR 2005-2006. (Head)
  • PRACEAL. Planktonic predators. Role and adaptive strategy in the control of Arctic ecosystem : importance of the lipid transfers. 2006-2008. Institut polaire francais Paul-Emile Victor
  • Biochemistry and distribution of lipids in Arctic plankton. NFR 2005-2007 (Head).
  • The international IPY project PAN-AME (IPY project 26,
  • ICE-EDGE. Combined ecological and ecotoxicological studies of the ice edge ecosystem. Statoil. 2006-2009 (PI and steering committee)
  • Pan-AME student and scientist exchange, 2006-2009. ConocoPhillips (Head)
  • CLEOPATRA. Climate effects on planktonic food quality and trophic transfer in Arctic Marginal Ice Zones: NFR 2007-2011 (PI)
  • ICEECO. Comparative studies of ice-associated ecosystems in changing Arctic shelf seas (Canadian-Norwegian Co-operation). NFR project:194281/S40, 2009-2011 (head).
  • ALKEKONGE. Response of marine and terrestrial ecosystems to climate changes, biodiversity of zooplankton and seabird population: Polish-Norwegian Research Fund
  • KongHau: Hermes (EU) / StatoilHydro 2008-2011 (HEAD)
  • Russian-Norwegian field work cooperation on marine properties in Svalbard waters, NFR-project 196211/S30. (NPI, UNIS, AARI): RIS ID 4780 (head)
  • FRAM Polhavet: Fra plankton til sel. Framsentret 2010-2013 (HI, NP, UiT)
  • CLEOPATRA II.Climate effects on planktonic food quality and trophic transfer in Arctic Marginal Ice Zone. RCN NORKLIMA 2012-2015 (UNIS, NP, SAMS, BAS, UStA)
  • Calanus in the North Atlantic: species distribution and genetic population structure in space and time (UoN et al., including NP) RCN 2012-2015.
  • CircA. Circadian rhythms of Arctic zooplankton from polar twilight to polar night – patterns, processes, and ecosystem implications (UNIS, UoT, NP, et. al) 2012-2016.
  • Arctic marine Plankton REsponse to river DIsCharge (PREDIC). Arctic Field Grant 2012, RCN (NP, IUEM).
  • Biophysical and ionic controls of buoyancy in diapausing calanoid copepods (SAMS, NERC, BAS, NP). NRC 2012-2015
  • SpitsEco. Timing of ecological processes in Spitsbergen fjord (UNIS, UoT, KB-RAS). NRC 2013-2015.
  • GrønnBille. The Oceanography of Grønfjorden and Billefjorden (UoT, UNIS,AARI). NRC 2013-2015.
  • Impact of the variability in the Norwegian and Barents Sea Calanus complex on ecosystems and commercial fish stocks (Apn, UoN, UoT, Mar Res Inst Iceland). ConocoPhillips
  • Variability in Calanus spp in the Nordic Seas and possible impacts on commercial fish stocks. A project sponsored by the Arctic Studies/Science Cooperation Fund and organized by Astthor Gislason, Stig-Falk Petersen and Öystein Varpe
  • Marin Night. RCN 2013-2016
  • Arctic Studies application Grant 75726. Norwegian Iceland co-operation. 2016-2017

Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Relevant publications:

  1. Basedow S, McKee D, Lefering I, Gislason A, Daase M, Trudnowska E, Egeland ES, Choquet M, Falk-Petersen S. 2019. Remote sensing of zooplankton swarms. Scientific reports, 9, 686.
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For a complete list of publications, please see the CV

Selected other publications:

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