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Terri Souster

Post-doctoral researcher UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø and The British Antarctic Survey UKDepartment of Fisheries
Address UiT The Arctic University of Norway Department of Fisheries Muninbakken 21 Tromsø 9019 Norway Work Phone: +4777646288 Website: Changing Arctic Ocean Website: Terri Souster Website: LinkedIn Website: ResearchGate
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Research interests

  • Polar benthic ecology
  • biodiversity and physiology
  • Marine protected areas (MPAs)
  • Benthic Blue Carbon
  • Climate change
  • Fishing pressure


About my project

  • Project title: Assessing risks of cumulative impacts on the Barents Sea ecosystem and its services
  • Project description: Looking at multi-stressor (climate change and anthropogenic pressures) on marine communities in the Barents Sea
  • Project duration: 3 year Post-doc started August 2021 and finishes August 2024
  • Project manager: Raul Primicerio


Scientific publications

  • Souster, T.A., Barnes, D.K.A., Hopkins, J (2020) Variation in zoobenthic blue carbon in the Arctic’s Barents Sea shelf sediments. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 378:20190362. dx.doi.org/10.1098/rsta.2019.0362
  • Bax, N., Moreno, B., Moreau, C., Barnes, D.K.A., Paulsen, M., Held, C., Downey, R., Sands, C., Souster, T.A (2019) Carbon storage by Kerguelen zoobenthos as a negative feedback on climate change. The Keruelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and fisheries, Proceedings of the second symposium
  • Souster, T.A., Morley, S. A., Peck, L.S. (2018) Seasonality of oxygen consumption in five common benthic marine invertebrates, Antarctica. Journal of Polar Biology. DOI: 10.1007/s003000-018-2251-3
  • Peck, L.S., Souster, T.A., Clark M.S. (2013) Juveniles are more resistant to warming than adults in 4 species of Antarctic marine invertebrates. PLoS One 8:6
  • Clark, M.S & Souster, T.A. (2012) Arm regeneration in the cold: delayed early phases in Antarctic brittle stars. Aquatic Biology 16: 105-113
  • Barnes, D.K.A & Souster, T.A. (2011) Reduced survival of Antarctic benthos linked to climate induced iceberg scouring. Nature Climate Change. 1: 365-368


Outreach/popular science

Public and media presentations

  • January 2013: BBC Natural history unit, part of film crew filming last four episodes of deadly 60
  • August 2010: BBC Radio 2 program with Simon Mayo
  • July 2010: Israeli Channel 2 program on climate change
  • Austral summer 2009/10: BBC Frozen planet
  • January 2009: Reuters, Antarctic sea creatures hypersensitive to warmin