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William Hatchett

PhD candidate Nord UniversityFaculty for Biosciences and Aquaculture
Work Nord University Postbox 1490 Bodø 8049 Norway Work Phone: +47 75 51 72 69 Blog: Fucus Fanatic
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PhD project title:

Reinforcement and phylogeny in Fucus species.

PhD project description:

The project will look at the ‘speciation continuum’ in the brown algal genus Fucus and will identify molecular mechanisms of speciation in two sister species. Hybrid zones between the two species Fucus distichus and Fucus serratus provide a unique situation to examine mechanisms of reinforcement, adaptation and speciation at a molecular level. I will use Next-Generation Sequencing of transcriptome libraries to better understand the molecular basis of speciation and its effect on biodiversity and adaptation in these ecologically important marine macroalgae.

Start date: September 2016
End date: Autumn 2019


  • Galice Hoarau (Nord University, Bodø, Norway)
  • Alexander Jüterbock (Nord University, Bodø, Norway)