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Ketil Eiane

Professor and Vice Dean for Education

Research interests:
  • Population dynamics
  • Behavior
  • Scale and ecology
  • Mortality rates
  • Modelling.
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University of NordlandFaculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture Work address Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture University of Nordland Post box 1490 Bodø 8049 Norway Cell Phone: +47 48 00 47 12

Research interests:

  • Population dynamics
  • Behavior
  • Scale and ecology
  • Mortality rates
  • Modelling.

Running national and international projects:

  • LoVe MarinEco – Marine Ecosystem Research in the Lofoten-Vesterålen region
  • NMDC – Norwegian Marine Data Centre

Completed national and international projects:

  • Spatially structured dynamics of cod larvae in LoVe
  • Arctic Calanus in the Barents Sea ecosystem
  • The Arctic Sea in Wintertime: ecosystem structuring due to environmental variability during the Polar night (ARCWIN)
  • Phenotypic variability in life-history traits: Is intra population variability important for zooplankton dynamics.
  • ROBOCOP: Dyreplankton i koplede fysisk-biologiske modeller. Personal post-doc project.

Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Espinasse M, Halsband C, Varpe Ø, Gislason A, Gudmundsson K, Falk-Petersen S, Eiane K (2018) A comparison of interannual phenological variations in two North-East Atlantic populations of Calanus finmarchicus. Marine Biology Research.
  2. Eiane K, Espinasse M, Espinasse BD (2018) Environmental effects on zooplankton abundance on a sub-Arctic shelf off Northern Norway. Aquatic Biology 27:75-86.
  3. Bozman A, Aksnes DL, Eiane K (2018) First reports of a mass mortality event across multiple life stages in a mesopelagic jellyfish in high latitude coastal waters. Mar. Ecol. 39(2): e12498.
  4. Espinasse B, Tverberg V, Kristensen JA, Skreslet S, Eiane K (2018) Winter mortality in Calanus populations in two northern Norwegian fjords from 1984 to 2016. Polar Biol. 41:1405-1415.
  5. Bandara K, Varpe Ø, Ji R, Eiane K (2018) A high-resolution modeling study on diel and seasonal vertical migrations of high-latitude copepods. Ecol. Mod. 368:357-376.
  6. Choquet M, Hatlebakk M, Dhanasiri AKS, Kosobokova K, Smolina I, Søreide JE, Svensen C, Melle W, Kwaśniewski S, Eiane K, Daase M, Tverberg V, Skreslet S, Bucklin A, Hoarau G (2017). Genetics redraws pelagic biogeography of Calanus. Biology Letters. 13:20170588.
  7. Espinasse M, Halsband C, Varpe Ø, Gislason A, Gudmundsson K, Falk-Petersen S, Eiane K (2017) The role of local and regional environmental factors for Calanus finmarchicus and C. hyperboreus abundances in the Nordic Seas. Polar Biol. 40:2363-2380.
  8. Bozman A, Titelman J, Kaartvedt S, Eiane K, Aksnes DL (2017) Jellyfish distribute vertically according to irradiance. J. Plankton Res. 39:280-289.
  9. Espinasse B, Tverberg V, Basedow SL, Hattermann T, Nøst OA, Skardhamar J, Eiane K (2017) Mechanisms regulating inter-annual variability in zooplankton advection over the Lofoten shelf, implications for cod larvae survival. Fish. Oceanogr. 26:299-315.
  10. Espinasse B, Basedow S, Tverberg V, Hattermann T, Eiane K (2016) A major Calanus finmarchicus overwintering population inside a deep fjord in northern Norway: implications for cod larvae recruitment success. J. Plankton Res. 38:604-609.
  11. Bandara K, Varpe Ø, Søreide JE, Wallenschus J, Berge J, Eiane K (2016) Seasonal vertical strategies in a high-Arctic coastal zooplankton community. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 555:49-64.
  12. Skreslet S, Olsen K, Chelak M, Eiane K (2015) NE Atlantic zooplankton wintering in fjord habitats respond to hemispheric climate. J. Plankton Res. 37:773-789.
  13. Vogedes D, Eiane K, Båtnes AS, Berge J (2014) Variability in Calanus spp. abundance on fine- to mesoscales in an Arctic fjord: implications for little auk feeding, Marine Biology Research, 10:437-448.
  14. Skardhamar J, Reigstad M, Carroll J, Eiane K, Riser CW, Slagstad D (2011) Effects of mortality changes on biomass and production in Calanus spp. populations . Aquat. Biol. 12:129-145.
  15. Orlova EL, Rudneva GB, Renaud PE, Eiane K, Savinov V, Yurko AS (2010) Climate impacts on feeding and condition of capelin Mallotus villosus in the Barents Sea: evidence and mechanisms from a 30 year data set. Aquat. Biol. 10:105-118.
  16. Berge J, Renaud, PE, Eiane K, Gulliksen B, Cottier FR, Varpe Ø, Brattegard T (2009) Changes in the decapod fauna of an Arctic fjord during the last 100 years (1908-2007). Polar Biol. 32:953-961.
  17. Berge J, Cottier FR, Last KS, Varpe Ø, Leu E, Søreide J, Eiane K, Falk-Petersen S, Willis K, Nygård H, Vogedes D, Griffiths C, Johnsen G, Lorentzen D, Brierley AS (2009) Diel vertical migration of Arctic zooplankton during the polar night. Biol. Letters 5:69-72.
  18. Daase M, Eiane K, Aksnes DL, Vogedes D (2008) Vertical distribution of Calanus spp. and Metridia longa at four Arctic locations. Mar. Biol. Res. 4:193-207.
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  37. Eiane K, Aksnes DL, Giske J (1997) The significance of optical properties in competition among visual and tactile planktivores: a theoretical model. Ecol. Mod. 98:123-136.

Popular science and outreach:

  • Eiane K (2003) Levende vitenskap i kaldt klima. pp 59 – 65 in Arlov TB (ed.) Universitetet på tundraen: UNIS 1993-2003. UNIS, Longyearbyen 143 pp. (in Norwegian).
  • Eiane K & Tande K (2008) Chapter 8: Zooplankton. In Sakshaug E (Ed.) The Barents Sea. An updated and translated version of the Norwegian edition from 1991.


Photo of Claudia Erhart

Claudia Erhart

PhD candidate

PhD project title: Biological effects of crude oil in fish species from the Barents Sea.…Read More
UiT The Arctic University of NorwayArctic and Marine Biology Work address Department of Arctic and Marine Biology Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Eonomics UiT The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø 9037 Norway

PhD project title:

Biological effects of crude oil in fish species from the Barents Sea.

PhD project description:

The main objective of my PhD project is to elucidate the biological effects of petroleum exposure in fish on survival and fitness of early life stages (ELS). On the one hand, we will determine the toxicity of different crude oil related contaminants in fish early life stages directly exposed to the toxicant. With this study, we challenge a common belief that PAHs are mainly responsible for the toxicity of the water-soluble fraction of crude oil and act via specific pathways.  On the other hand, we will investigate indirect effects of crude oil exposure on gametes and ELS. We will analyse contaminant accumulation in oocytes arising from parental transfer and study the endocrine disruption potential of crude oil in adult fish via molecular changes in the brain-pituitary-gonad-liver axis.

Start date: Jan 2020
Planned submission date: Dec 2023


Jasmine Nahrgang (UiT, Tromsø, Norway)
Marianne Frantzen (APN, Tromsø, Norway)

Photo of Boris Espinasse

Boris Espinasse

Post-doctoral researcher

Research interests:
  • Mesoscale patterns of plankton distributions in relation with environmental conditions
  • Size structure of zooplankton communities and biomass transfer
  • Isotopic signatures as well as trophic structure and functioning of marine ecosystem
  • Optical methods and their applications in biological oceanography research.
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Work address

Research interests:

  • Mesoscale patterns of plankton distributions in relation with environmental conditions
  • Size structure of zooplankton communities and biomass transfer
  • Isotopic signatures as well as trophic structure and functioning of marine ecosystem
  • Optical methods and their applications in biological oceanography research.

Running national and international projects:

  • ConocoPhillips Calanus project: ‘Impact of the variability in the Norwegian and Barents Sea Calanus complex on ecosystems and commercial fish stocks’ (2012-2016)

Completed national and international projects:

  • ANR COSTAS (French government): ‘Transfer of contaminants through the food web, phytoplankton, zooplankton, anchovy and sardine’ (2009-2013)

Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Espinasse B, Harmelin-Vivien M, Tiano M, Guilloux L, Carlotti F (2014) Patterns of variation in C and N stable isotope ratios in size-fractionated zooplankton in the Gulf of Lion, NW Mediterranean. Journal of Plankton Research, doi: 10.1093/plankt/fbu043
  2. Espinasse B, Carlotti F, Zhou M. and Devenon J (2014) Defining zooplankton habitats in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean Sea) using size structure and environmental conditions. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 506, 31-46
  3. Alekseenko E, Raybaud V, Espinasse B, Carlotti F, Queguiner B, Thouvenin B, Garreau P and Baklouti M (2014) Seasonal dynamics and stoichiometry of the planktonic community in the NW Mediterranean Sea: a 3D modeling approach. Ocean Dynamic, 64, 179-207.
  4. Espinasse B, Zhou M, Zhu Y, Hazen E, Friedlaender A, Nowacek D, Chu D, Carlotti F (2012) Austral fall-winter transition of mesozooplankton assemblages and krill aggregations in an embayment west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Marine Ecology Progress Series 452:63-80
  5. Nowacek DP, Friedlaender AS, Halpin PN, Hazen EL, Johnston DW, Read AJ, Espinasse B, Zhou M, Zhu Y (2011) Super-Aggregations of Krill and Humpback Whales in Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctic Peninsula. PLoS ONE 6:e19173