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Andreas Altenburger

Associate Professor UiT The Arctic University of NorwayThe Arctic University Museum of Norway
Work address The Arctic University Museum of Norway Lars Thørings veg 10 Tromsø 9006 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 64 49 02 Website: ResearchGate Website: ORCID
Photo of Andreas Altenburger

Research interests:

  • marine invertebrates
  • Brachiopoda
  • Kinorhyncha
  • microalgae
  • Cryptophyta
  • Ciliata
  • evolution
  • taxonomy
  • systematics
  • aquired phototrophy in marine protists.

Running projects:

  • cryptophyte genomes
  • aquired phototrophy in marine protists

Completed projects:

  • Evolutionary developmental biology of Brachiopoda
  • Evolutionary developmental biology of Kinorhyncha

Popular science/outreach:

Scientific publications:

  1. Maselli M, Altenburger A, Stoecker DK, Hansen PJ: Ecophysiological traits of mixotrophic Strombidium spp. J Plankton Res 2020, 42(5):485-496.
  2. Altenburger A, Blossom HE, Garcia-Cuetos L, Jakobsen HH, Carstensen J, Lundholm N, Hansen PJ, Moestrup Ø, Haraguchi L: Dimorphism in cryptophytes — The case of Teleaulax amphioxeia/Plagioselmis prolonga and its ecological implications. Sci Adv 2020, 6(37):eabb1611.
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  4. Cai H, Li Q, Fang X, Li J, Curtis NE, Altenburger A, Shibata T, Feng M, Maeda T, Schwartz JA et al: A draft genome assembly of the solar-powered sea slug Elysia chlorotica. Scientific data 2019, 6:190022.
  5. García-Portela M, Reguera B, Sibat M, Altenburger A, Rodríguez F, Hess P: Metabolomic Profiles of Dinophysis acuminata and Dinophysis acuta Using Non-Targeted High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Effect of Nutritional Status and Prey. Mar Drugs 2018, 16(5).
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