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Anna Silyakova

Researcher UiT The Arctic University of NorwayDepartment of Geology
Work address CAGE – Centre for Arctic Gas hydrate, Environment and Climate Department of Geology UiT The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø 9037 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 64 45 69 Website: ResearchGate Website: Personal Website Website: Google Scholar
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Research interests:

  • Biogeochemistry of methane and carbon dioxide in the Arctic Ocean:
  • sources, transport and effects on climate and marine ecosystem
  • carbon pathways in the Arctic Ocean
  • ocean-sea ice-atmosphere interaction
  • continental shelf oceanography
  • sea ice biogeochemistry and microbiology
  • cycling of dissolved organic matter in the ocean

Scientific publications:

  1. – Sert, M. F., D’Andrilli, J., Gründger, F., Niemann, H., Granskog, M. A., Pavlov, A. K., … & Silyakova, A. (2020). Compositional Differences in Dissolved Organic Matter Between Arctic Cold Seeps Versus Non-Seep Sites at the Svalbard Continental Margin and the Barents Sea. Front. Earth Sci, 8, 552731.
  2. Silyakova, A., Jansson P., Serov P., Ferré B., Pavlov A. K., Hattermann T., Graves C. A., Platt S. M., Lund Myhre C., GründgerF. and Niemann H. (2020) Physical controls of dynamics of methane venting from a shallow seep area west of Svalbard. Continental Shelf Research 194 (2020): 104030.
  3. Jansson, P., Triest, J., Grilli, R., Ferré, B., Silyakova, A., Mienert, J., and Chappellaz, J. (2019). High-resolution underwater laser spectrometer sensing provides new insights into methane distribution at an Arctic seepage site, Ocean Sci., 15, 1055–1069.
  4. Jansson, P., Ferré, B., Silyakova, A., Dølven, K. O., & Omstedt, A. (2019). A new numerical model for understanding free and dissolved gas progression toward the atmosphere in aquatic methane seepage systems. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 17(3), 223-239.
  5. Platt, S. M., Eckhardt, S., Ferré, B., Fisher, R. E., Hermansen, O., Jansson, P., Lowry, D., Nisbet, E. G., Pisso, I., Schmidbauer, N., Silyakova, A., Stohl, A., Svendby, T. M., Vadakkepuliyambatta, S., Mienert, J., and Lund Myhre, C. (2018). Methane at Svalbard and over the European Arctic Ocean. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18(23), 17207-17224.
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  12. Parmentier, F.J.W.; Silyakova, A.; Biastoch, A.; Kretschmer, K.; Panieri, G. AMAP Assessment: Methane as an Arctic climate forcer. Natural marine methane sources in the Arctic (Chp. 4, p. 37-48). (2015) ISBN 978-82-7971-091-2.
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