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Doreen Kohlbach

Post-doctoral Researcher Norwegian Polar InstituteSection for Ecotoxicology
Work address Norwegian Polar Institute Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Work Phone: +47 93 87 14 44 Website: ResearchGate
Photo of Doreen Kohlbach

Research interests:

  • polar food web interactions
  • trophic markers in the marine environment.

Start date post-doc: 15.10.2019
End date post-doc: 14.10.2022

Running projects:

Scientific publications:

  1. Kohlbach, D, BA Lange. 2020. ’How melting Arctic sea ice can lead to starving polar bears’, Frontiers for Young Minds, 8: 111.
  2. Kohlbach, D, SH Ferguson, TA Brown, and C Michel. 2019. ‘Landfast sea ice-benthic coupling during spring and potential impacts of system changes on food web dynamics in Eclipse Sound, Canadian Arctic’, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 627: 33-48.
  3. Kohlbach, D, BA Lange, M Graeve, M Vortkamp, H Flores. 2019. ‘Varying dependency of Antarctic euphausiids on ice algae-and phytoplankton-derived carbon sources during summer’, Marine Biology, 166: 79.
  4. Flores, H, C David, J Ehrlich, K Hardge, D Kohlbach, BA Lange, B Niehoff, E-M Nöthig, I Peeken, and K Metfies. 2019. ‘Sea-ice properties and nutrient concentration as drivers of the taxonomic and trophic structure of high-Arctic protist and metazoan communities’, Polar Biology, 42: 1377-95.
  5. Kohlbach, D, M Graeve, BA Lange, C David, FL Schaafsma, JA van Franeker, M Vortkamp, A Brandt, and H Flores. 2018. ‘Dependency of Antarctic zooplankton species on ice algae‐produced carbon suggests a sea ice‐driven pelagic ecosystem during winter’, Global Change Biology, 24: 4667-81.
  6. Kohlbach, D, BA Lange, FL Schaafsma, C David, M Vortkamp, M Graeve, JA Van Franeker, T Krumpen, and H Flores. 2017. ‘Ice algae-produced carbon is critical for overwintering of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba’, Frontiers in Marine Science, 4: 310.
  7. Kohlbach, D, FL Schaafsma, M Graeve, B Lebreton, BA Lange, C David, M Vortkamp, and H Flores. 2017. ‘Strong linkage of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) to sea ice algae-produced carbon: evidence from stomach content, fatty acid and stable isotope analyses’, Progress in Oceanography, 152: 62-74.
  8. Schaafsma, FL, D Kohlbach, C David, BA Lange, M Graeve, H Flores, and JA van Franeker. 2017. ‘Spatio-temporal variability in the winter diet of larval and juvenile Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, in ice-covered waters’, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 580: 101-15.
  9. Kohlbach, D, M Graeve, BA Lange, C David, I Peeken, and H Flores. 2016. ‘The importance of ice algae‐produced carbon in the central Arctic Ocean ecosystem: Food web relationships revealed by lipid and stable isotope analyses’, Limnology & Oceanography, 61: 2027-44.
  10. Olafsdottir, G, K Olafsson, S Skirnisdottir, GJ Oskarsson, D Kohlbach, H Franklinsdottir, C E K Kvaavik, R Morneau, A Chevrier, and C Pampoulie. 2013. ‘Isolation and characterization of thirty microsatellite loci for Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.)’, Conservation Genetics Resources, 5: 491-94.

Popular science/outreach:

  1. Kohlbach, D, BA Lange. 2020. ’How melting Arctic sea ice can lead to starving polar bears’, Frontiers for Young Minds, 8: 111.