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Elliot Sivel

PhD candidate Institute of Marine Research
Address Framsenteret POB 6606 Langnes Tromsø 9296 Home Phone: +47 94 84 96 51
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Research interests:

  • Fish ecology
  • Climate change
  • Polar ecosystems
  • Food web modelling
  • Biodiversity

PhD thesis title: Modelling food web dynamics in the Barents Sea

PhD project description:
During my PhD, I aim at evaluating the impact of climate change and fisheries on the Barents Sea ecosystem. Therefore, we use an alternative approach to the common deterministic approach: The Non-Deterministic Network Dynamic model (NDND). With this model, we will provide predictions of the future state of the Barents Sea. We will also evaluate the performance of the NDND model using Pattern-Oriented Modelling.

Start date: 01.10.2018
End date: 30.09.2021


  • Benjamin Planque (Havforskningsinstituttet / Institute of Marine Research)
  • Ulf Lindstrøm (Havforskningsinstituttet / Institute of Marine Research)
  • Nigel Gilles Yoccoz (Universitet i Tromsø, Arctic and Marine Biology)

Completed projects:

  • Bachelor thesis: Phylogeny of bathydraconid fish (Nothothenioidei) (2015)
  • Master thesis: Integrative taxonomy of genus Echinocyamus (2017)
  • Master thesis: Measuring of biodiversity accounting for individual size in the Gulf of Lion (2018)

ICES WGCOMEDA (2018), Interim Report of the Working Group on Comperative Analyses between European Atlantic and Mediterranean marine ecosystems to move towards an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries (WGCOMEDA), ICES CM 2018/IEASG:09