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Hanna Kauko

Post-doctoral researcher Norwegian Polar InstituteSection for Biodiversity
Work address Norwegian Polar Institute Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway
Photo of Hanna Kauko

Research interests:

  • Biological oceanography
  • Bio-optics: algal pigments and absorption including methods
  • Phytoplankton and ice algal ecology.

Post-doc project description:

Phytoplankton ecology in the Southern Ocean

My post doc project investigates phytoplankton bloom phenology, environmental control, community composition and carbon export in Kong Håkon VII Hav in the Southern Ocean. The field work was conducted in February-April 2019 on R/V Kronprins Haakon.

Start date: Feb 2019
End date: Feb 2021

Scientific publications:

  1. Olsen LM, Duarte P, Peralta-Ferriz C, Kauko HM, Johansson M, Peeken I, Różańska-Pluta M, Tatarek A, Wiktor J, Fernández-Méndez M, Wanger PM, Pavlov AK, Hop H, Assmy P (2019) A red tide in the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. Sci Rep 9: 9536. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-45935-0
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  3. Kauko HM, Pavlov AK, Johnsen G, Granskog MA, Peeken I, Assmy P (2019) Photoacclimation state of an Arctic under-ice phytoplankton bloom. J Geophys Res Oceans 124: 1750–1762. doi:10.1029/2018JC014777
  4. Kauko HM, Olsen LM, Duarte P, Peeken I, Granskog MA, Johnsen G, Fernández-Méndez M, Pavlov AK, Mundy CJ, Assmy P (2018) Algal colonization of young Arctic sea ice in spring. Front Mar Sci 5:199. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00199
  5. Fernández-Méndez M, Olsen LM, Kauko HM, Meyer A, Rösel A, Merkouriadi I, Mundy CJ, Ehn JK, Johansson AM, Wagner PM, Ervik Å, Sorrell BK, Duarte PM, Wold A, Hop H, Assmy P (2018) Algal hot spots in a changing Arctic Ocean: Sea-ice ridges and the snow-ice interface. Front Mar Sci 5:75. doi:10.3389/fmars.2018.00075
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  1. Kauko HM (2013) Stimulated and natural patterns of bioluminescence in the dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii. Master’s thesis at the University of Helsinki, Finland. https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/40341?locale-attribute=en
  2. Simis SGH and Kauko HM (2012) In vivo mass-specific absorption spectra of phycobilipigments through selective bleaching. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 10:214-226. http://www.aslo.org/lomethods/free/2012/0214.html