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Kathy Dunlop

Researcher Institute of Marine ResearchBenthic Resources and Processes
Address Institute of Marine Research Fram Centre Hjalmar Johansens gate 14 Tromsø 9007 Norway Website: http://www.imr.no
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Research interests:

  • Benthic Fjord Ecology
  • Scavenging Ecology
  • Aquaculture Environmental Interactions
  • Deep-Sea Benthic-Pelagic Coupling
  • Imaging and Acoustic Technology
  • Food-Web Modelling
  • Image Analysis
  • Flume and benthic incubation experiments
  • Field logistics

Current projects:

  • JellyFarm. Assessing the combined effects of multiple organic stressors from jellyfish blooms and aquaculture operations on seafloor ecosystems (leader: Paul Renaud).
  • Fram Centre Fjord and Coast Flagship, Norway. Examining the role of Fish-Falls on ecosystem processes in a highly exploited fjord System (leader: Paul Renaud).

Completed projects:

  • 2013-2015 David and Lucile Packard Foundation, USA. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship. Pelagic-Benthic Coupling
  • 2011-2012 British Antarctic Survey, UK. The impact of iceberg scouring on scavenging communities; An assessment using a baited underwater camera system.
  • 2011 Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories, Tjärno, Sweden. Multidisciplinary approach to marine biodiversity assessment (acoustics and baited camera systems).
  • 2010 Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories, Eilat, Israel. Baited camera techniques for the assessment of marine biodiversity and resources.
  • 2010 – 2012 Marine Scotland, Scottish Government. Development of methods for surveying nearshore fish populations. Role: Doctorate Student.

Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Dunlop K.M., Benoit-Bird K.J., Waluk C.M. and Henthorn, R.G. Ecological insights into abyssal bentho-pelagic fauna at 4000 m depth using a multi-beam echosounder on a remotely operated vehicle. In prep
  2. Dunlop K. M., Renaud, P.E., Berge, J., Jones, D.O.B., Harbour, R.P, Tandberg, A.H.S. and Sweetman, A.K. The variable role of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in benthic scavenger communities in Arctic fjords. In prep.
  3. Dunlop, K.M., Bouma, T.J., Renaud, P.E., Sweetman, A.K. The potential influence of jellyfish carcasses on near bottom flow in coastal marine environments. Marine Ecology Progress Series. In review.
  4. Dunlop, K. M., Jarvis, T., Benoit-Bird, K. J., Waluk, C. M., Caress, D. W., Thomas, H., Smith Jr, K. L. 2018. Detection and characterisation of deep-sea benthopelagic animals from an autonomous underwater vehicle with a multibeam echosounder: A proof of concept and description of data-processing methods. Deep Sea Res. 134: 64-79.
  5. Dunlop, K.M., Jones, D.O.B., Sweetman, A.K. 2017. Scavenging processes on jellyfish carcasses across a fjord depth gradient. Limnol. Oceanogr. 63:1146-1155.
  6. Dunlop, K.M., Jones, D.O.B., Sweetman, A.K. 2017. Direct evidence of an efficient energy transfer pathway from jellyfish carcasses to a commercially important deep-water species. Sci. Reps. 7: 17455.
  7. Dunlop, K.M., van Oevelen, D., Ruhl, H.A., Huffard, C.L., Kuhnz, L.A., Smith, Jr, K.L., 2016. Carbon cycling in the deep eastern North Pacific benthic food web: Investigating the effect of carbon input. Limnol. Oceanogr. 61: 1956-1968.
  8. Dunlop, K.M., Ruxton, G.D., Scott, E.M., Bailey, D.M., 2015. Absolute abundance estimates from shallow water baited underwater camera surveys; a stochastic modelling approach tested against field data. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 471: 126-134.
  9. Dunlop, K.M., Kuhnz, L.A., Ruhl, H.A., Huffard, C.L., Caress, D.W., Henthorn, R.G., Hobson, B.W., McGill, P., Smith, Jr, K.L., 2015. An evaluation of deep-sea benthic megafauna length measurements obtained with laser and stereo camera methods. Deep Sea Res. 1, 96: 38-48.
  10. Dunlop, K.M., Scott, E.M., Parsons, D., Bailey, D.M., 2014. Do agonistic behaviours bias baited remote underwater video surveys of fish? Mar. Ecol. 36: 810-818.
  11. Dunlop, K.M., Barnes, D.K., Bailey, D.M., 2014. The impact of iceberg scouring on scavenger diversity, abundance and behaviour in the West Antarctic Peninsula. Polar Biol. 37: 1741-1754.
  12. Sweetman A.K., Thurber, A.R., Smith, C.R., Levin L.A., Mora, C., Wei, C.L., Gooday, A.J., Jones, D.O.B., Glover, A., Rex, M., Yasuhara, M., Ingels, J., Ruhl, H. A., Frider, C.A., Danovaro, R., Wursberg, L., Baco, A., Grupe, B., Pasulka, A., Meyer, K.S., Dunlop, K.M., Henry, L-A., Roberts, J.M. Major impacts of climate change on deep-sea benthic ecosystems. Elem Sci. Anth. 5:4.
  13. Cordes, E.E., Jones, D.O.B., Schlacher, T.A., Amon, D.J., Bernardino, A.F., Brooke, Carney, R.S., DeLeo, D.M., Dunlop, K.M., Escobar-Briones, E.G., Gates, A.R, Génio, L, Gobin, J, Henry, L.A., Herrera, H., Hoyt, S., Joye, S, Kark, S., Mestre, N.C, Metaxas, A, Pfeifer, S., Sink, K., Sweetman, A.K., Witte, U.F.M., 2016. Environmental impacts of deep-water oil and gas industry: A review to guide management strategies. Front. Environ. Sci.

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