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Magdalena Wutkowska

PhD candidate UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard
Work address Department for Arctic Biology UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard PO box 156 Longyearbyen 9171 Norway
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PhD project title:

Arctic microbial diversity and functional importance in space and time.

PhD project description:

Exploring seasonal changes in functionality of microbial eukaryotes through comparative metatranscriptomics. Last years brought in a lot of understanding of marine microbial communities in High-Arctic marine habitats in Svalbard. The aim of this project is to build up additional layer of understanding by exploring functionality of microbial communities in a perspective of seasonal changes. To focus on the function of whole communities and its correlation with environmental parameters both meta-transcriptomics and comparative meta-transcriptomics approach will be implemented. This could reveal new insights into the biogeochemical significance of 0.45-10 um sized components of marine microbial eukaryotes. Previous analyses have already answered the questions of  ‘who is there?’ and ‘who is active?’, and in the current project it would be possible to assess what physiological processes occur at certain time points and who is responsible for this contribution. This project would involve development of a bioinformatics pipeline for the purpose of analyzing metatranscriptomics data sets. Specific questions to be answered are:

– How does the function of 0.45-10 um fraction of marine microbial communities assemblages change throughout a year?
– What are the main functions of 0.45-10 um fraction of marine microbial communities?
– Are there any correlations between physiological pathways and environmental factors?
– What is the biogeochemical importance and significance of picoeukaryotes in High Arctic waters

Start date: 11.01.2016
Planned submission date: 10.01.2020


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