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Marc Jürgen Silberberger

Post-doctoral researcher Polish Academy of SciencesInstitute of Oceanology
Work address Department of Marine Ecology Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences Sopot 81712 Poland Website: Google Scholar Website: ResearchGate
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Research interests:

  • Benthic ecology and ecosystem functioning
  • Spatial and temporal scales of ecosystem functioning
  • Benthic-pelagic coupling
  • Meroplankton ecology
  • Marine food webs.

Project participation:

  • 2020-2023; Climate change impacts on structure and functioning of benthic communities at the fjord-shelf boundary hotspots (CLIMB) – Polish National Science Centre: 2019/35/D/NZ8/01282; Project PI
  • 2018-2022; Coastal Ecosystem functioning under different anthropogenic pressure – linking Benthic communities And biogeochemical Cycling in the southern Baltic Sea (COmEBACk) – Polish National Science Centre; project number: 2017/26/E/NZ8/00496; co-investigator (post-doc)
  • 2013-2017; ARCTOS LoVe MarinEco – Statoil; contract number: 450261853; co-investigator (PhD project)

Popular science and outreach: