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Michael Carroll

Senior researcher Akvaplan-nivaArctic R&D
Work address Akvaplan-niva AS Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 75 03 18
Photo of Michael Carroll

Research interests:

Arctic Benthic Biology and Ecology:

  • Benthic community structure and functioning
  • Climate variability and ecosystem forcing
  • Food web dynamics and trophic structure
  • Adaptations to environmental variability
  • Long-term community compositional changes in marine communities
  • Bivalve Sclerochronology.

Running national and international projects:

  • “Exploring the role of oceanic and atmospheric forcing on Arctic marine climate from newly developed annual shell based records in coastal Norway”. U.S. National Science Foundation (International Partner)
  • “Reconstruction of Environmental Histories Using Long-Lived Bivalve Shells in the Norwegian Arctic (RELIC)”. Norwegian Research Council (Project Coordinator)
  • “Annually-resolved archives of marine climate change – development of molluscan sclerochronology for marine environmental monitoring and climatology (ARAMACC)”. EU 7th Framework, Marie Curie Initial Training Network (Associate Partner)
  • “Influence of pollution and climate variation in rivers and coastal waters indicated by freshwater and marine bivalves”. Fram Center Flagship Contaminants (Project Coordinator, Co-Principal Investigator)
  • “Effects of climate on cod life history and ecology along a temperate-arctic gradient (CODCHRON)”. Fram Center Flagship Fjord & Coast (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • “Life on the edge – Blue mussels on Svalbard” Fram Center Flagship Fjord & Coast (Collaborator)

Completed national and international projects:

  • “Ecosystem structure and use of marine resources from bivalve and fish bone proxies”. Fram Center Flagship Fjord & Coast (Project Coordinator, Co-Principal Investigator)
  • “Clams as climate and ecosystem recorders during the Holocene”. Fram Center Flagship Fjord & Coast (Project Coordinator)
  • “The Kongsfjord – HAUSGARTEN – transect case study:  Impact of climate change on Arctic marine community structures and food webs”. StatoilHydro (HERMES Program) (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • “Benthic Macrofauna: Environmental Variation Baselines and Effects of Stressors”. StatoilHydro (Project Coordinator, Principal Investigator).
  • “Historical Polar Front Transect”. StatoilHydro – ARCTOS Arctic Research Program. (Principal Investigator)
  • “Diet and Reproductive Output in Arctic Molluscs: the Importance of Ice Algae and Phytoplankton (DREAM)”. Norwegian Research Council, Norway-U.S. Bilateral Research Program for Polar Research (Project Coordinator, Principal Investigator).
  • “Norwegian Component of the Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Regions (NESSAR)”. Norwegian Research Council, International Polar Year Program (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • “Benthic community response to long term effects from exposure to offshore discharges”. Norwegian Research Council, PROOF Program (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • “Life at the edge:  Benthic communities at the Barents Sea ice edge in a changing climate (BASICC)”. Norwegian Research Council: East European Programme for Russia (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • “Carbon flux and ecosystem feed back in the northern Barents Sea in an era of climate change”. Norwegian Research Council: NORKLIMA Programme (20 million NOK, Awarded to Paul Wassmann, Norwegian College of Fisheries Sciences).  (Co-Principal Investigator; Scientific Steering Committee).
  • “Digestibility of ice algae and phytoplankton: The potential impacts of changing food supply to the arctic benthos”. Norwegian Research Council/National Science Foundation Joint U.S.-Norway Research
  • “On Thin Ice?  Climatic Influence on Energy Flow and Trophic Structure in Arctic Marine Ecosystems”. Norwegian Research Council: ARKTØK Programme. (Coordinator).
  • “Development of monitoring guidelines and modeling tools for environmental effects from Mediterranean aquaculture (MERAMED)”. EU 5th Framework: Quality of Life; Management of Living Resources (Co-Principal Investigator; Scientific Steering Committee).
  • “Trajectories of Marine Ecosystem Response to Arctic Climate Change:  A Barents-Bering Sea Comparison”.  International Arctic Research Center  (Fairbanks, Alaska USA) (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • “Environmental Status of the North Sea”. Norwegian Oil Industry Consortium (OLF). (Coordinator)
  • “Circumpolar Atlas of Resources at Risk From Oil Spills in the Arctic”.  EPPR working group of the Arctic Council. (Project Leader).

Relevant scientific publications:

  1. Martens, J., E. Romankevich, I. Semiletov, B. Wild, B. van Dongen, J. Vonk, T. Tesi, N. Shakhova, O.V. Dudarev, D. Kosmach, A. Vetrov, L. Lobkovsky, N. Belyaev, R. Macdonald, A. Pieńkowski, T.I. Eglinton, S. Dahle, M.L. Carroll, E.K.L. Åström, J.M. Grebmeier, L.W. Cooper, G. Possnert, Ö. Gustafsson. 2020. CASSCADE – The Circum-Arctic Shelf Sediment CArbon DatabasE. (submitted to Earth System Science Data, November 2020).
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