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Paul Wassmann

Professor UiT The Arctic University of NorwayArctic and Marine Biology
Work address Department of Arctic and Marine Biology Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics UiT The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø 9037 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 64 44 59
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Research interests:

  • Arctic marine system ecology
  • Vertical flux and flux regulation
  • Flux of carbon in marine ecosystems as a function of trophic state and climate change
  • Physical-biological coupled 3-D models of pelagic primary production as well as new and export production
  • Dynamics of Phaeocystis-dominated ecosystems.

Running national and international projects:

  • Statoil ARCTOS LoVe Marine Ecosystem Project
  • Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx)
  • World leading research group on the productive marginal ice zone
  • Nansen legacy
  • Environmental Waste Management (EWMA)
  • Bridging productivity regimes in the Arctic Ocean (CarbonBridge)

Completed national and international projects.

  • Skadelige alger
  • NAPP
  • ALV
  • Integrated Arctic Ocean Observatory System (iAOOS) – Norway: Closing the loop
  • MERCLIM Marine Ecosystem Response to a changing CLIMate
  • Eutrophication and sedimentation in the Gulf of Riga
  • CONFLUX – Vertical flux regulation in the upper twilight zone

Relevant scientific publications (last five years):

  1. JM Holding, CM Duarte, M Sanz-Martín, E Mesa, JM Arrieta, M Chierici, IE Hendriks, LS García-Corral, A Regaudie-de-Gioux, A Delgado, M Reigstad, P Wassmann, S Agustí (2015) Temperature dependence of CO2-enhanced primary production in the European Arctic Ocean. Nature Climate Change
  2. P Wassmann (2015) Overarching perspectives of contemporary and future ecosystems in the Arctic Ocean. Progress in Oceanography
  3. P Wassmann, KN Kosobokova, D Slagstad, KF Drinkwater, RR Hopcroft, SE Moore, I Ellingsen, RJ Nelson, E Carmack, E Popova, J Berge (2015) The contiguous domains of Arctic Ocean advection: trails of life and death. Progress in Oceanography
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  10. Vaquer-Sunyer, Raquel; Duarte, Carlos M.; Regaudie-de-Gioux, A; Holding, Johnna; García-Corral, LS; Reigstad, Marit; Wassmann, Paul. Seasonal patterns in Arctic planktonic metabolism (Fram Strait – Svalbard region). Biogeosciences 2013; Volum 10. ISSN 1726-4170.s 1451 – 1469.s doi: 10.5194/bg-10-1451-2013.
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  12. Wassmann, Paul; Lenton, Timothy. Arctic Tipping Points in an Earth System Perspective. Ambio 2012; Volum 41 (1). ISSN 0044-7447.s 1 – 9.s doi: 10.1007/s13280-011-0230-9.
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Popular science and outreach:

  1. Book: Arctic Tipping Points
  2. Book: Svalbard Life
  3. Book: Drainage basin nutrient inputs and eutrophication: an integrated approach
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