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Starrlight Augustine

Researcher Akvaplan-nivaEcosystems
Work Akvaplan-niva AS Fram Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Work Phone: +47 77 75 03 57 Website: Google Scholar
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Research interests:

  • Finding the simplest organisation principles for metabolism upon which all life is based
  • Comparing species sensitivity to stressors on the basis of energy budgets
  • Developmental energetics
  • Energetics of starvation
  • Mixotrophy
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Important links:

  • Add-my-pet aims to collect:
    • referenced data on the energetics of animal species, such that the parameters of the standard Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model, and those of its different variants, can be estimated
    • code for estimating DEB parameters from these data
    • DEB parameter estimates
    • properties of species that are implied by these parameters
  • DEBwiki – A collaborative mediawiki powered encyclopedia for Dynamic Energy Budget theory
  • DEBnet – International DEB network comprising experts in a wide range of fields (aquaculture, ecotoxicology, mathematics, economics, ecology and more)

Educational activities:

Current projects:

  • Intelligent environmental risk assessment (11/2016-03/2018)
  • Modelling population dynamics using Dynamic Energy Models: application to risk assessment of chemical mixtures (more info here) (11/2015-11/2017)
  • Integrating eco-physiologcial and -toxicological data into marine ecosystem-based management (more info here) (01/2016-12/2018)
  • Dynamic Energy Budgets of polar cod (01/2016-12/2017)