BIO-8504 ARCTOS colloquiums

ARCTOS organizes monthly meetings with scientific presentations called ARCTOS Colloquium. The colloquiums can be taken as a PhD course worth 5 ECTS. The student has to be a member of the ARCTOS network to participate in this course and it lasts for the whole PhD study. The student will have to present the progress of his/her thesis (early, middle and final phase), in front of other students, post-docs and senior scientists. Two senior ARCTOS members act as censors and give feedback on the presentation.

In addition, students have to attend a 4-day meeting once a year (ARCTOS Days), where students gather for two days (student forum) to discuss scientific and practical issues connected to the functioning of the PhD school. Usually, students organize a half-day workshop on a soft skill topic, such as presentation technique, leadership skills, etc. The other two days all ARCTOS members meet. Students and seniors give presentations, attend a poster session and discuss the functioning of the network, project proposals, etc.

ARCTOS students apply/register for this course every semester until the end of their PhD project and for the exam in the semester they want to hand in their thesis. More information and how to apply, can be found here.