BIO-8516 Arctic Frontiers PhD student workshop

In conjunction with the Arctic Frontiers conference taking place each January in Tromsø, ARCTOS organizes a PhD student workshop offering an exciting program for early career scientists working on issues related to the Arctic. The workshop is taking place during the conference and continues afterwards in Svolvær, Lofoten. As part of the workshop, participants have to attend the Arctic Frontiers conference and give a presentation (oral or poster) during the science section of the conference.

After the conference, the students will embark on a 5-day seminar to Svolvær, Lofoten, during which they will attend 10-15 lectures covering proposal writing, political science, social science, marine ecology and climate, local art, and arctic entrepreneurship. Students will also prepare a proposal for funding to an imaginary research grant. During the workshop, there will be also some cultural events (visiting art gallery, museum, etc.). The workshop is multidisciplinary and thus suitable for students from all scientific fields.

One main goal of the workshop is networking. During the conference and workshop, students can meet politicians, business people and senior researchers as well as other early career scientists which are all interested in Arctic issues. Together, the northern areas are facing possibilities and challenges related to the combination of climate change, globalization, and circumpolar problems such as oil and gas development, pollution, public health, reduced biodiversity and loss of habitats. An enormous challenge to handle. The idea behind this workshop is that the solution to the problems ahead lies in the synergy that emerges from international networks, cross-disciplinary cooperation and dialogue.

PhD students are prioritized but Master students and Post-docs may apply as well. The workshop is an official PhD level course (BIO-8516) at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø worth 4 ECTS (only PhD students can receive credits). Travel and conference funding will be available for course participants.

Please, note that in order to attend the workshop, you have to give a presentation (oral or poster) at the Arctic Frontiers conference. You have to apply for this separately at the Arctic Frontiers homepage. We only handle applications for the workshop that have accepted abstracts for the conference. The application form for the workshop is available on the ARCTOS homepage and on the Arctic Frontiers homepage. To apply for the course at UiT, click here.

For some impressions of previous workshops, check out the workshop-blog: