The ARCTOS network consists of three membership categories:

ARCTOS membersARCTOS studentsARCTOS associates
Researchers with their focus in Arctic marine ecosystems research. They belong to one of the ARCTOS core institutions. Being a member means to commit to PhD school student supervision, active collaboration within the network, and applying for grants for PhD school students. Membership is confirmed by each individual upon request from the secretary once a year.PhD and master students who belong to one of the ARCTOS core institutions. They have at least one supervisor who is an ARCTOS member. The PhD students are obliged to attend the meetings and give at least two presentations during the PhD project. The presentations are evaluated by two ARCTOS members. Master students may attend the meetings and present their work. Student membership lasts until the defense.PhD students, master students and researchers with no direct affiliation to one of the ARCTOS core institutions who wish to cooperate with the network and receive the monthly newsletter.