ARCTOS Secretariat

Consists of two representatives from each ARCTOS core institution and the ARCTOS Leader Group. In addition, there are two PhD school students and two post-doctoral researchers part of the Secretariat. The student and post-doc representatives are elected yearly by the students/post-docs. The ARCTOS representatives are elected for three years. The ARCTOS leader leads the Secretariat.

Generally, the Secretariat is responsible for the operation of the network and PhD support network.  It is also responsible for the acceptance of new members and for planning of the ARCTOS Days or other network related activities. It also approves the use of ARCTOS brand/name in proposals, plans the budget for the network and PhD support network, and makes decisions regarding courses/cruises. The Secretariat meets monthly.

InstitutionRepresentative 1Representative 2
Akvaplan-nivaKjetil SagerupEva Leu
Institute for Marine ResearchAngelika RennerBenjamin Planque
Nord UniversityHenning Reiss
Norwegian Polar InstitutePhilipp AssmyHaakon Hop
UiT The Arctic University of NorwayKarley CampbellJørgen Berge
University Centre in SvalbardJanne SøreideAnna Vader
Student representatives (2020-2021)Martí Amargant Arumí (UiT)Èric Jorda Molina (Nord)
Post-doc representatives (2020-2021)Elisabeth Jones (IMR)Ben Lange (NPI