Polar Night exhibition on tour

The polar night exhibition (http://uit.no/polarmuseet/polarnight) is now open for public in both Tromsø and Anchorage (Alaska). Since the exhibition opened in Tromsø, a replica has been produced that first visited the Smithsonian in Washington DC (only a reduced part of the exhibition and only for a few days during a festival at the Smithsonian in May) and now Anchorage Museum. In Anchorage, HMK Harald V opened the exhibition on May 26th; Lena Aarekol (Polarmuseet), Geir Johnsen (NTNU) and Jørgen Berge (UiT) had the pleasure of giving the king a guided tour around the exhibition that will stay open to the public until October 2015. In Norway, the exhibition is set to be displayed in both Svalbard Museum (spring 2016) and Vitenskapsmuseet in Trondheim (2017).