ARCTOS Days 2017

This year ARCTOS Days took place in beautiful Malangen Brygger on March 14-15. We were around 35 researchers and students and the program was packed with interesting research presentations, group work, a poster session, discussions and project presentations.

Photo: Tobias Vonnahme

In total we had five PhD candidate presentations, ranging from macroalgae ecology, over unmanned aerial marine mammal surveys, Calanus spp. distribution to be redrawn from molecular analysis and implications of increasing temperatures on Calanus spp. physiology and ecology, to underwater hyperspectral imaging.

We also invited to researchers to join us and present their work. Amanda Poste from NIVA talked about effects of terrestrial inputs on coastal biogeochemistry and ecology and Clara Hoppe from AWI talked about climate change effects on Arctic phytoplankton. It was great that you could join us!

The poster session was a great success as well and we will surely repeat this and use more time for it next time.

Rolf Gradinger told us more about MOSAiC (the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate), which will be the first year-round expedition into the central Arctic exploring the Arctic climate system. Paul Renaud presented research and modelling results on size and lipid dynamics in Arctic Calanus spp. recently submitted to PNAS.

This year many students joined ARCTOS Days, among them also the four brand new Arctic SIZE PhD candidates Christine Dybwad, Ulrike Dietrich, Raphaelle Descoteaux, and Tobias Vonnahme, and William Hatchett from Nord University. Welcome to ARCTOS!